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Install owner's ssh public key when setting up or assigning a debug VM



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      Any debug VM that I can ssh into.

    • Platform/s:
      Linux/Wayland, Linux/X11, macOS


      At present, when I set up a Unix-ish debug VM (Linux, macOS) I copy over my id_rsa.pub to the VM and install it as ~/.ssh/authorized_keys to simplify ssh-ing into the host while I'm working on it. (I typically run screen on it so I can detach and log out at the end of each day, which lets me disconnect from VPN, or survive if VPN goes down unexpectedly.) It would be nice if this were automated - in particular, it would eliminate the need for a password that everyone knows.

      Of course, I'd have to upload my public key to my Coin account, so that Coin has it available to install, and Coin would only do this for users who have uploaded a key, but it'd make life just that nice little bit easier if we could do it this way, rather than needing to manually upload our public key each time we get a new VM.

      Incidentally, I note that Unix-ish machines typically do have a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file by default, for Frederik's public key on his old workstation. That probably shouldn't be there any more ! Its name is frederik@frederik-ThinkCentre-M93p. Perhaps it's used by Coin in some way; but, if so, perhaps it's time to have a key that calls itself something that makes clear what it really is…


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