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New connect syntax fails with msvc in special corner cases


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      Windows, msvc


      Qt Creator stumbled over an issue where a connect with the new member fuction pointer based method compiled nicely but then failed at runtime with a

      QObject::connect: signal not found in Foo

      It is really much of a corner in this case which in addition seems to happen only with msvc. Not sure if this can be considered a compiler bug or a bug in Qt. Anyway I post this here for the records.

      Scenario: A class has a signal which overrides a virtual member function of its base class. When trying to connect to the signal of the derived class from outside the library (.dll) where the two classes "live", apparently a wrong method pointer is created. The result is the above message at runtime.

      Code in the library:

      class LIBSHARED_EXPORT A : public QObject
          virtual void foo(int) {}
      class LIBSHARED_EXPORT B : public A
          void foo(int);
          void bar();

      Code outside the library:

          B b;
          QObject::connect(&b, &B::foo, &a, &QCoreApplication::quit); // causes runtime "QObject::connect: signal not found in B"
          QObject::connect(&b, &B::bar, &a, &QCoreApplication::quit); // succeeds

      See the attached msvcissue.zip for a working demo.

      1. msvcissue.zip
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        Alessandro Portale

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