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quicknanobrowser crashes with --single-process



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: P2: Important
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 6.2.2
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: WebEngine
    • Environment:
    • Platform/s:


      The quicknanobrowser sample project seem incompatible with the --single-process mode. Not sure if it's caused by odd project settings or a latent Qt bug.
      Steps to reproduce:

      • Open quicknanobrowser sample project.
      • Add qputenv("QTWEBENGINE_CHROMIUM_FLAGS", "--single-process"); at the top if the main function.
      • Build in debug mode and start application.
      • Observe Single mode supports only single profile. assertion failure during startup.

      Cal stack (from Qt 6.2.2 Windows x64 binaries): 

       1 qt_message_fatal qlogging.cpp 1869 0x7fffec0fe732 
       2 QMessageLogger::fatal qlogging.cpp 891 0x7fffec0fcb26 
       3 QtWebEngineCore::WebEngineContext::addProfileAdapter web_engine_context.cpp 416 0x7fffbee1b94c 
       4 QtWebEngineCore::ProfileAdapter::ProfileAdapter profile_adapter.cpp 107 0x7fffbed14569 
       5 QQuickWebEngineProfile::QQuickWebEngineProfile qquickwebengineprofile.cpp 369 0x7ff806060b0a 
       6 QQmlPrivate::QQmlElement<QQuickWebEngineProfile>::QQmlElement<QQuickWebEngineProfile> Qt6WebEngineQuickd 0x7ff8060e02fa 
       7 QQmlPrivate::createInto<QQuickWebEngineProfile> qqmlprivate.h 188 0x7ff8060dabe1 
       8 QQmlType::create qqmltype.cpp 503 0x7fffea2bf344 
       9 QQmlObjectCreator::createInstance qqmlobjectcreator.cpp 1227 0x7fffea20619d 
       10 QQmlObjectCreator::setPropertyBinding qqmlobjectcreator.cpp 833 0x7fffea20a79a 
       11 QQmlObjectCreator::setupBindings qqmlobjectcreator.cpp 782 0x7fffea209fd4 
       12 QQmlObjectCreator::populateInstance qqmlobjectcreator.cpp 1703 0x7fffea208853 
       13 QQmlObjectCreator::createInstance qqmlobjectcreator.cpp 1384 0x7fffea207498 
       14 QQmlObjectCreator::create qqmlobjectcreator.cpp 217 0x7fffea204923 
       15 QQmlComponentPrivate::beginCreate qqmlcomponent.cpp 956 0x7fffea0ef21c 
       16 QQmlComponent::beginCreate qqmlcomponent.cpp 904 0x7fffea0ecc6c 
       17 QQmlComponentPrivate::doBeginCreate qqmlcomponent.cpp 375 0x7fffea0f0f3e 
       18 QQmlComponent::create qqmlcomponent.cpp 830 0x7fffea0ec996 
       19 QQmlApplicationEnginePrivate::finishLoad qqmlapplicationengine.cpp 155 0x7fffea0c5722 
       20 QQmlApplicationEnginePrivate::startLoad qqmlapplicationengine.cpp 140 0x7fffea0c5185 
       21 QQmlApplicationEngine::load qqmlapplicationengine.cpp 292 0x7fffea0c4202 
       22 main main.cpp 85 0x7ff629db36bc 
       23 WinMain qtentrypoint_win.cpp 97 0x7ff629dbd010

      My reason for reporting --single-process problems is that I'm working in a security hardened environment where all network access is disabled by default. Firewall whitelisting is performed on an per-app basis. I then need quicknanobrowser to be able to gain network access when whitelisting quicknanobrowser.exe.


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