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TextArea Wrap problems with whitespace in the end of a line



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: Some Future Release
    • Component/s: Symbian Style
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      To reproduce:

      • Open a TextArea with wrapMode set to Wrap (the default) and with an explicit width (e.g. ComponentTest application's TextArea page).
      • Type something short that fits into one line e.g. 'test'
      • Insert spaces in the end of the line by pressing the space bar until the available space is exceeded

      The problem:
      Spaces are not wrapped but go to the end of the first line. The line becomes wider than the intended wrap width. The text in the beginning of the line goes out of the view as the Flickable's content position is adjusted to keep the cursor visible. Touching the Flickable will bounce the content position back to the beginning of the line where the non-whitespace characters are. It's not possible flick/pan to the end of the whitespace on the first line - only the keys can be used to move the cursor there.

      Further notes:

      • Also when typing normal text (with only 1 space between the words) the view sometimes moves right. This happens when in the end of the line the character exceeding the wrap width happens to be a space.
      • The cursor disappears when it's in the end of the line.
      • Inserting spaces in the beginning of the second line isn't possible. Spaces always go to the end of the previous line if it ends with a space.
      • The view moves also when tabs are used instead of spaces although tabs will get wrapped.


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