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MCU evaluation images downloads under account.qt.io - Deadline 17th Sep 2019



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      We need to place the MCU (Qt Quick Ultralite) evaluation images for download under account.qt.io/downloads

      The download can be available for those with (a) Qt DC Evaluation License, (b) Qt DC Developer License or (c) new 8305 Qt DC MCU Developer License (QTPMO-1041) (REMOVED 10th Sep! due to QTPMO-1063). There will be a single ZIP file containing HW adaptation and binaries for the three boards (2x STM and NXP).

      Key requirements for MCU evaluation

      Ticket for creating the actual evaluation images: UL-565
      Efecte configurations: QTBI-1684 (and full story for licensing now in QTPMO-1063)
      Account.io discoverability upgrade: QTBI-1625

      Description for account.qt.io site

      Filename: <insert what is coming out of UL-565>
      Version: Alpha 1 <insert build number from file>
      Release date: 17.9.2019
      Description: Qt for Device Creation MCU - Qt Quick Ultralite rendering engine evaluation software.

      This package contains

      • Binary Qt Quick Ultralite runtime and corresponding hardware adaptation for NXP IMXRT1050-EVKB (with RK043FN02H-CT display), STM32F769i-DISCO and STM STM32F7508-DK
      • Software sample code for example applications. You can modify the UI to play around and evaluate the offering.
      • All documentation, including also Getting Started Guide
      • Required tools to build a new device image using the edited UI libraries

      Hardware specific deployment, debugging and profiling tools are available from the corresponding hardware vendors. If you need Qt tools such as Qt Creator that needs to be downloaded separately. Please read the Getting Started Guide available in the download package for full setup instructions.

      Related activity - Demo images (go live 20th August)

      Don't confuse this demo images activity with the demo images actions.


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