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Most of the Qt mobility examples are failing on Qt SDK 1.1



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      Mobility examples used are taken on 24th or January 2011 from: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-mobility/qt-mobility/trees/master/examples, since they are not included in the SDK nor are there any direct notes on where to get them.

      Basic methodology is to open the project by opening a new project with the project pro file. Then inspecting the pro file for capabilities and if self-signed is not enough, then using own certificate. Then simply running on simulator & release version on the Device and seeing what happens.

      Some of the examples were for Qt Mobility 1.2, and thus are failing on Qt SDK 1.1 that has mobility 1.1.0, but there are plenty that probably should work on the SDK.

      For full results, see the attached excel sheet, in it The Ok marking means that the build/run/usage was seen to be successful. The Not marking means that it was not successful. NA means that the success/failing was not determined ad the right side show additional comments on what happened.


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