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QSystemDeviceInfo::imei() method is crashing with KERN-EXEC 0 panic when QSystemDeviceInfo object is instaniated and called on a secondary thread



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    • 1.1.1
    • 1.1.2
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    • Symbian wk_01 with Qt 4.7.2 and Qt Mobility 1.1.1
    • 9975bc25fc22b5ec1bb2843dc68835741820d65a, d324aa1dcc9523ccc7a7683590815cc124d32f27



      Calling QSystemDeviceInfo::imei() method on a secondary thread (where the QSystemDeviceInfo object is instantiated) is crashing with KERN-EXEC 0 panic.This panic is not observed when this method is called on the main thread (method successfully working). Here with i am attaching the sample application for reproducing this issue (QtGetDeviceInfo_Custom.zip). Also please find the call stack attached below:

      Call Stack:

      Thread [Thread id: 16916] (Suspended)
      37 ThreadPanicBreakPoint() cutils.cpp:156 0x059ec536
      36 DJitCrashHandler::HandleEvent() cutils.cpp:204 0x059ec74e
      35 DKernelEventHandler::Dispatch() skernel.cpp:1953 0x05a03ec4
      34 DThread::Exit() sthread.cpp:773 0x05a23420
      33 DThread::EpocThreadExitHandler() sthread.cpp:672 0x05a23222
      32 NThreadBase::Exit() nkern.cpp:1109 0x059e2408
      31 NThreadBase::DoCsFunction() nkern.cpp:690 0x059e1b8c
      30 NFastMutex::Signal() nkern.cpp:121 0x059e11ff
      29 NKern::ThreadKill() nkern.cpp:1566 0x059e29e4
      28 DThread::Die() sthread.cpp:872 0x05a236c4
      27 K::PanicCurrentThread() server.cpp:905 0x05a14154
      26 K::ObjectFromHandle() sutils.cpp:1760 0x05a1c5c5
      25 DSession::Send() sipc.cpp:1494 0x05a0da1f
      24 ExecHandler::SessionSend() sipc.cpp:1723 0x05a0e08c
      23 Invoke() vectors.cpp:22 0x059e48dd
      22 Dispatch() vectors.cpp:84 0x059e4892
      21 RSessionBase::SendAsync() us_ksvr.cpp:2586 0x6001bd47
      20 RSessionBase::DoSendReceive() us_mes.cpp:80 0x6002414c
      19 RSessionBase::SendReceive() e32std.inl:4119 0x60019a32
      18 RSubSessionBase::DoSendReceive() us_mes.cpp:249 0x6002467e
      17 RSubSessionBase::SendReceive() e32std.inl:4326 0x47c01562
      16 RTelSubSessionBase::Get() et_cli.cpp:242 0x47c0186f
      15 RMobilePhone::GetPhoneId() mm_phone.cpp:675 0x7d43211f
      14 CGetPhoneIdAct::GetPhoneId() TelephonyActPhone.cpp:58 0x0547c9df
      13 CTelephonyFunctions::GetPhoneIdL() TelephonyFuncPhone.cpp:57 0x05477f79
      12 CTelephony::GetPhoneId() Telephony.cpp:794 0x0547243e
      11 CPhoneInfo::CPhoneInfo() telephonyinfo_s60.cpp:85 0x04fccc03
      10 QtMobility::DeviceInfo::phoneInfo() qsysteminfo_s60_p.h:321 0x04fcadcf
      9 QtMobility::QSystemDeviceInfoPrivate::imei() qsysteminfo_s60.cpp:1053 0x04fcad52
      8 QtMobility::QSystemDeviceInfo::imei() qsystemdeviceinfo.cpp:270 0x04fc3091
      7 SecondaryThread::run() SecondaryThread.cpp:32 0x00401172
      6 QThreadPrivate::start() qthread_unix.cpp:323 0x00d505d9
      5 _pthread_entryPtFun() pthread_create.cpp:120 0x01341364
      4 _E32Startup() uc_exe.cpp:91 0x004025ad
      3 DThread::EpocThreadFunction() ckernel.cpp:84 0x059eb6a3
      2 NThread::StartThread() ncthrd.cpp:295 0x059ea0bc
      1 0x7C80B729( KERNEL32.dll )() 0x7c80b729

      In QTMOBILITY-1058 bug report (http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTMOBILITY-1058 ), it was mentioned that this issue was rectified on Mobility 1.1. But we are seeing it in Mobility 1.1.1. Can you please check this issue and give some fix for rectifying this problem?

      Please let me know if you need more information on this issue.

      Thanks & Regards,
      BalaSubrahmanyam Varanasi


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