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How do I create a new central repository?



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      According to the docs, the central repository layer can be used on Symbian as a persistent secure shared storage mechanism.
      It would appear that all is needed is to create a QCRML (there's a tool for that) and then install it in c:\resources. How would that translate into a *.cre file? Who/what/who will trigger the installation of this *.cre file in the correct location in order to make it visible to Symbian's Central Repository framework? How is the security policy defined?

      Knowing how complicated the CR creation and installation is from a 3rd party perspective I cannot see how this would actually work. The documentation appears to be looking at the issue from a platform perspective, where the QCRML is one layer above the actual CR and provides simply an interface to the repository, presuming it to have been already created/installed.

      This state of fact must be clearly documented. Include link to proper Symbian documentation which shows the CR architecture and guides developers in creating and deploying CRs. Or the entire feature should be documented from a read-only perspective, with the QCRML assumed to exist.


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