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QContactManager returns no QContacts on Nokia N8



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • P1: Critical
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    • 1.1.3
    • Contacts
    • Tools: QtSDK-1.1 for Linux, Nokia remote compiler for Symbian^3
      Working: Nokia N900, Maemo PR1.3, Qt 7.4.2 or 4.7.3 (not sure), Qt Mobility 1.1.1 (not sure).
      Not working: Nokia N8, Symbian^3, Qt 4.7.3, Qt Mobility 1.1.3


      While porting a QtMobility app for Maemo to Symbian^3, I discovered that QContactManager does not return any QContacts. This happens with the synchronous method contacts() as well as with the asynchronous QContactFetchRequest. The code I have returns a non-empty QList<QContact> on my Maemo Nokia N900 but returns an empty QList<QContact> on my Symbian^3 Nokia N8.

      The asynchronous fetch ends in QContactAbstractRequest::FinishedState on both platforms as expected but on the N8, the QContactFetchRequest's error() returns 3, QContactManager::InvalidDetailError.

      In both cases, I allocate the QContactManager on the stack using the default constructor:

      QContactManager cm;

      I was advised on the Qt Developer Network to post a bug report here.

      The attachment is a simple program that illustrates the problem. It presents three buttons. Press "Synchronous" to fetch contacts the synchronous way using QContactManager::contacts(). Press "Asynchronous" to fetch contacts the asynchronous way using a QContactFetchRequest. Press "Contact Manager Info" to see the name of the contact manager and the names of the available contact managers.

      The application displays its progress with a series QMessageBoxes.


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