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Performance regression in QGraphicsGeoMap



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      Since the upgrade to 1.2.0 (final) we experience a major performance regression in QGraphicsGeoMap in comparison to previous versions.
      This can be seen when inserting QGeoMapObjects using addMapObject() or when panning the map.

      We have done some tests inserting 500 QGeoPixmapObjects (as single objects or as QGeoGroupObject) and calculated the timing on a N900.
      1.1.3 / 1.2.0 Technology Preview: adding 500 items as single or group takes 500ms and produces good panning speed
      1.2.0 Final Release: adding 500 items as single items takes 90s, inserted as group takes 1s. The map is really slow while panning (if all objects are visible)

      The same behaviour can also be seen on the desktop but due to the overall faster desktop CPU it has not such a deep impact like on mobile devices.
      This issue renders the QGraphicsGeoMap in version 1.2.0 Final rather unusable on the N900.

      Attached you can find the sample application we have used for testing.


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