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QSystemStorageInfo::availableDiskSpace() crashes with KERN-EXEC 0 panic



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    • 1.1.2
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    • Symbian Wk_21



      We are instantiating QSystemStorageInfo class in the main thread and in the secondary thread of our application in order to retrieve "availableDiskSpace()" information. We observed that this call is working properly in the main thread but crashing with KERN-EXEC 0 panic in secondary thread. Call Stack for this panic is given below:

      Thread [Thread id: 1004] (Suspended)
      30 ThreadPanicBreakPoint() cutils.cpp:162 0x05b6e9f6
      29 DJitCrashHandler::HandleEvent() cutils.cpp:210 0x05b6ec0e
      28 DKernelEventHandler::Dispatch() skernel.cpp:1959 0x05b86594
      27 DThread::Exit() sthread.cpp:787 0x05ba61d6
      26 DThread::EpocThreadExitHandler() sthread.cpp:678 0x05ba5fd2
      25 NThreadBase::Exit() nkern.cpp:1113 0x05b62408
      24 NThreadBase::DoCsFunction() nkern.cpp:694 0x05b61b8c
      23 NFastMutex::Signal() nkern.cpp:125 0x05b611ff
      22 NKern::ThreadKill() nkern.cpp:1570 0x05b629e4
      21 DThread::Die() sthread.cpp:886 0x05ba6484
      20 K::PanicCurrentThread() server.cpp:911 0x05b96974
      19 K::ObjectFromHandle() sutils.cpp:1830 0x05b9f265
      18 DSession::SendSync() sipc.cpp:1526 0x05b901af
      17 ExecHandler::SessionSendSync() sipc.cpp:1738 0x05b9079c
      16 Invoke() vectors.cpp:28 0x05b648dd
      15 Dispatch() vectors.cpp:90 0x05b64898
      14 RSessionBase::SendSync() us_ksvr.cpp:2576 0x6001bd2b
      13 RSessionBase::DoSendReceive() us_mes.cpp:56 0x600240f8
      12 RSessionBase::SendReceive() e32std.inl:4144 0x66003b1f
      11 RFs::SendReceive() cl_shim.cpp:31 0x6601daff
      10 RFs::Volume() cl_cli.cpp:1253 0x6600591d
      9 QtMobility::QSystemStorageInfoPrivate::availableDiskSpace() qsysteminfo_s60.cpp:1097 0x0146d73f
      8 QtMobility::QSystemStorageInfo::availableDiskSpace() qsystemstorageinfo.cpp:133 0x01466ec0
      7 MyQThread::run() QSystemStorageInfoTestApp.cpp:21 0x004010c8
      6 QThreadPrivate::start() qthread_unix.cpp:334 0x00d51799
      5 _pthread_entryPtFun() pthread_create.cpp:120 0x01381364
      4 _E32Startup() uc_exe.cpp:97 0x0040235d
      3 DThread::EpocThreadFunction() ckernel.cpp:90 0x05b6db63
      2 NThread::StartThread() ncthrd.cpp:299 0x05b6c38f
      1 0x7C80B729( KERNEL32.dll )() 0x7c80b729

      If i won't call this from main thread, but calling in two QThread instances, then in the first instance of QThread, this call succeeds, but crashes in the second instance of QThread. I am attaching a reproducable sample application (QSystemStorageInfoTest.zip attached) to support this problem. Call Stack for this panic is given below:

      Thanks & Regards,
      BalaSubrahmanyam Varanasi


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