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Binary breaks between QtMobility 1.1 and 1.2 QML APIs



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    • 1.1.3, 1.2.1
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    • Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10, 32bit


      A number of QtMobility QML APIs have changed in a non-backwards compatible way when moving from 1.1 to 1.2:

      • Maps API imports (also in another bugreport, QTMOBILITY-1793 which improved the documentation but then further handled in this bugreport (see below comments))
      • DeviceInfo.startBatteryLevelChanged() removed
      • DeviceInfo.startBatteryStatusChanged() removed
      • DeviceInfo.startPowerStateChanged() removed
      • DeviceInfo.startCurrentProfileChanged() removed
      • DeviceInfo.startBluetoothStateChanged() removed
      • NetworkInfo.startStatusChanged() removed
      • NetworkInfo.signalStrengthChanged() removed
      • NetworkInfo.modeChanged() removed
      • NetworkInfo.currentMobileCountryCodeChanged() removed
      • NetworkInfo.currentMobileNetworkCodeChanged() removed
      • NetworkInfo.mode() removed
      • DocumentGalleryModel.onCancelled signal removed
      • DocumentGalleryModel.onFailed signal removed
      • DocumentGalleryModel.onFinished signal removed
      • DocumentGalleryModel.onSucceeded signal removed

      Types that became uncreatable (developers were arguably 'doing it wrong' if they manually instantiated any of these, but it's still a compatibility break as these were listed and declared in both source and documentation)

      • SensorReading
      • AccelerometerReading
      • AmbientLightReading
      • CompassReading
      • MagnetometerReading
      • OrientationRe(ading
      • ProximityReading
      • RotationReading
      • TapReading

      The breaks were identified 'synthetically', by diffing the actual 1.1 and 1.2 sources for changes in property/method/type/signal declarations, i.e.

      diff qt-mobility-qt-mobility-1.1 qt-mobility-qt-mobility-1.2 -r |grep -E "Q_PROPERTY|diff" > property_changes
      diff qt-mobility-qt-mobility-1.1 qt-mobility-qt-mobility-1.2 -r |grep -E "egisterType|diff" > versioning_change
      diff qt-mobility-qt-mobility-1.1 qt-mobility-qt-mobility-1.2 -r |grep -E "egisterU|diff" > versioning_change

      and then manually checking the potential candidates (using 1.1 imports).

      Please review this situation and provide a full/official list of changes, which then should also be reflected in Qt Mobility's documentation.


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