ELFf4d34 (444  8282@@@FFFLBBBppRtd6@PtdYYQtdTTT GNUHxZ( @H C[ l@EH E! 2Fm SFf P@k `G' G0 pCL %@ 60A{ U@C) eHA .Fy Ef p@A GA }DA  DL FC/ `H! f  H@@!"  kn#>҆I }[aRnF[72{#:ƫ8ɫAǻx`9EU)ڴJ~팯BVbKbIb.ld-android.so__loader_add_thread_local_dtor__loader_android_create_namespace__loader_android_dlopen_ext__loader_android_dlwarning__loader_android_get_LD_LIBRARY_PATH__loader_android_get_application_target_sdk_version__loader_android_get_exported_namespace__loader_android_init_anonymous_namespace__loader_android_link_namespaces__loader_android_link_namespaces_all_libs__loader_android_set_application_target_sdk_version__loader_android_update_LD_LIBRARY_PATH__loader_cfi_fail__loader_dl_iterate_phdr__loader_dladdr__loader_dlclose__loader_dlerror__loader_dlopen__loader_dlsym__loader_dlvsym__loader_remove_thread_local_dtor__loader_shared_globalsrtld_db_dlactivity  87 @u?ƏcCXE??ff|>UUUUUUTUUUUUUUUU3|93???~S??M)*OSS))SO - loading and linkingdlsymDEBUG: [ android relocating %s ]can't protect segments for "%s": %s/system/etc/ld.config.txt/system/etc/ld.config.vndk_lite.txtlinker_alloclibdl.so" not found%dhas invalid ELF header"%s" has load segments that are both writable and executable"%s" loaded phdr %p not in loadable segmentEM_AARCH64Warning: unexpected ST_BIND value: %d for "%s" in "%s" (ignoring){failed to fork in debuggerd signal handler: %sBUS_MCEERR_AOFPE_DECOVFPTRACE_EVENT_VFORK_DONE+%lldoperator^=operator<=[cantunwind]Zip: ran off the end (at %u)<invalid block typeCharunexpected static field initial value type: 'F' vs '%c'insns sizeIllegal representation for value %x in string datamethodpublic final static interface ABI: '%s' system/core/debuggerd/libdebuggerd/tombstone.cpp--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --->Fault address falls at %s after any mapped regions r21r30rax18__cxa_guard_abort failed to release mutexstd::__libcpp_tls_set failure in __cxa_get_globals()covariant return thunk to ++anaS%.0LfMoninvalid pointer: %p (block_size=%zd)Java object of unknown typeTZDIRNo such file or directoryExec format errorFile name too longNo anodeOperation not supported on transport endpointAddress already in useTransport endpoint is already connected%s: %s %zu > SSIZE_MAX^[yY]fwrite%s:%d: %s CHECK 'it->second != 0' faileddlopen %s does not exist, not translatinginvalid DT_RELENT: %zdDEBUG: si->base = %p, si->strtab = %p, si->symtab = %pfile offset for the library "%s" is negative: %lldlibcrypto.so%s:%zd: warning: path "%s" couldn't be resolved: %s--help"%s" has unsupported e_shentsize 0x%x (expected 0x%zx)"%s" .dynamic section has invalid link(%d) sh_type: %d (expected SHT_STRTAB)get_secondary_namespacesfailed to restore dumpableoperator>>=longchar32_t32 bit elf that is neither arm nor x86 nor mips: e_machine = %d Warning: PC is moving backwards: old 0x%llx new 0x%llx(byte & ~0x07) == 0xb8(byte & ~0x07) == 0xd0processBinary log entry conversion failed .%06ld%s %s%5d %5d %c %-8.*s: Bruecd_sizeInvalid entry nameincorrect header check>=Unrecognized magic number in Check failed: IsUint<16>(jval_.i)ByteAnnotationins_size (%ud) > registers_size (%ud)DBG_START_LOCAL type_idxHiddenapi class data too short to store header (%u < %u)inter_field_id_item class_idxInvalid class flags: '%d'Class with same type idx as its superclass: '%d'Duplicate interface: '%s'Mismatched defining class for class_data_item methodheader->field_ids_size_string_idsabstract seccomp prevented call to disallowed %s system call %d__cxa_guard_abort failed to broadcast condition variableStdecltype(typeid (mLneoperator<=>Dwobjcproto%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Ybionic/libc/bionic/bionic_allocator.cppDIR*open: called with O_CREAT/O_TMPFILE but no modeToo many symbolic links encounteredreadubsan: add-overflowubsan: implicit-conversion invalid DT_NEEDED entryWarning: "%s" has unsupported flags DT_FLAGS_1=%p (ignoring unsupported flags)empty/missing DT_STRTAB in "%s"%s:%d: %s CHECK 'it_to != namespaces.end()' failed[ "%s" find_loaded_library_by_soname failed (*candidate=%s@%p). Trying harder... ]libmedia.solibstagefright.sofind_library_in_linked_namespace(ns=%s, task=%s): Ok to load/%s:%d: %s CHECK 'it != soinfo_list.end()' failed... dlsym failed: %sbionic/linker/linker_cfi.cppMapShadow.link..whitelistedliberror: linker cannot load itself LD_DEBUG/proc/self/exebionic/linker/linker_phdr.cppinvalid-elf-header_section-headers-enforced-for-api-level-26.bssEM_X86_64DT_INITgenerate_handleFatal signal %d (%s), code %d (%s%s)%s in tid %d (%s), pid %d (%s)crash_dump helper reported failureSIGBUSSIGSYSFPE_FLTRESFPE_FLTINVTRAP_BRKPToperator~wchar_tstd::basic_string64 bit elf that is neither aarch64 nor x86_64 nor mips64: e_machine = %d system/core/libunwindstack/DwarfMemory.cppUnspecified assertion failedrepmsg/dev/pmsg0Zip: failed reading lfh name from offset %lldZip: gpb flag mismatch at bit 3. expected {%04x}, was {%04x}Zip: lfh name did not match central directory.proto-idsencoded_value fieldMismatched defining class for parameter_annotation., header->type_ids_size_=instance fieldItem %d at ends out of boundsvolatile %-3s %0*llxBuild fingerprint: '%s' r26ebxthrowoperator"" 'lambdadecltype(auto)ThuAprNovPMfdsan: mmap failed: %sLD_USE_LOAD_BIASfailed to make WriteProtected nonwritable in initializeNo such processResource deadlock would occurLevel 2 haltedInvalid exchangeProtocol not availablegetentropy failed: %sinfInfinityr+linkeranonymous namespace has already been initialized.Trying zip file open from path "%s" -> normalized "%s"load_library(ns=%s, task=%s, flags=0x%x, realpath=%s)file offset for the library "%s" is not page-aligned: %lldlibcutils.so/system/libRELO RELATIVE %16p <- %16p error reading version file ".visibleSDK_VERsolist_remove_soinfo[ Jumping to _start (%p)... ]Warning: invalid soinfo version for "%s" (assuming inaccessible)debug.ld.all%s:%d: %s CHECK 'strtab_ != nullptr' failedget_tls_module%s:%d: %s CHECK 'a >= 0' failedfailed to spawn debuggerd dispatch threadcrash_dump helper crashed or stoppedILL_BREAKoperator deleteoperator>=unsigned __int128restore while processing cieraw[38;5;%dm%c/%-8.*s(%s%5d): +++ LOG: write partial (%d of %d) Invalid offsetvoid art::EncodedArrayValueIterator::Next()ZipArchiveMemoryBad checksum (%08x, expected %08x)Read out of boundshiddenapi class data section headerfield_annotations listOut-of-order field_idx for annotation: %x then %xHeader at %x, not at start of fileproto with return type idx outside uint16_t range '%x:%x'Mismatched defining class for class_data_item field is abstract, but the declaring class is neither abstract nor an header->type_ids_size_method_handlesr2r11edxesiattempted to disable unused fallback allocatorterminating with %s exception of type %s-in-gsconst_cast>>[Jun%u__vdso_timereaddirMALLOC_TRACEDevice not a streamProtocol errorNot a XENIX named type fileState not recoverableMemory page has hardware errorcpu%u%cubsan: mul-overflowyes... dlsym successful: sym_name="%s", sym_ver="%s", found in="%s", address=%pDEBUG: si->base = %p si->flags = 0x%08xempty/missing DT_SYMTAB in "%s"DEBUG: [ relocating %s plt rel ]Warning: couldn't read "%s" for "%s" (using default configuration instead): %sWarning: ignoring very long library path: %s/%s(n/a)RELO IRELATIVE %16p <- %16p ShadowWrite%s:%d: %s CHECK 'safe_add(&offset, base_offset, elf_offset)' failedcan't read file "%s": %scan't find loaded phdr for "%s"failed to allocate debuggerd thread stackfailed to mprotect debuggerd thread stack%sNOTE: Function names and BuildId information is missing for some frames due onoperator newwCGR%zuashmem/HTC_RILuse-Rlog/RLOG-%stageventsgetLogSize %d timeout=%uZip: unable to allocate the %u-entry hash_table, entry size: %zu, start + 0xffffff=CopyFileToFile: copy read failed, block_size = %zu, offset = %lld: %sEntry not foundI/O errorsize_FieldNulldata_base (data_size=Shorty vs. type mismatch: '%c', '%s'Ignoring bad checksum (%08x, expected %08x)Invalid exception handler size: %dOut-of-order annotation_element name_idx: %x then %xinter_field_id_item name_idxInvalid class definition ordering: class with type idx: '%d' defined before implemented interface with type idx: '%d'Mismatched defining class for method_annotationBad method access_flags for %s: %xHiddenapi class data value out of bounds (%p > %p) for %s %iproto_idsx22std::bad_alloctypeinfo name for aarM) ? ( [enable_if:std::nullptr_tobjc_objectTuesdaySatMarch__vdso_gettimeofday%s:%d: %s CHECK 'page->free_blocks_cnt == blocks_per_page_' failedbionic_alloc_lob/dataRESOLV_HOST_CONFIllegal seekCan not access a needed shared libraryNetwork dropped connection because of reset/nonplat_property_contextsCould not find context for property "%s"strcat: prevented write past end of %zu-byte bufferpthread_create failed: couldn't allocate %zu-bytes mapped space: %sincrement_dso_handle_reference_counter: Couldn't find soinfo by dso_handle=%perror linking namespaces: namespace_to is null.cannot find "%s" from verneed[%zd] in DT_NEEDED list for "%s"Warning: "%s" unused DT entry: %s (type %p arg %p) (ignoring)warning: unable to get realpath for the library "%s" by extinfo->library_fd. Will use given name.private-api-enforced-for-api-level-24load_library(ns=%s, task=%s): Adding DT_NEEDED task: %s%s@%p needs to unload %s@%p%s:%d: %s CHECK 'initial_link_done' failed.allow_all_shared_libs[ Using config section "%s" ]%s:%d: %s CHECK '!was_end_of_file_' failed%s"%s" is too small to be an ELF executable: only found %zd bytes"%s" has invalid e_shstrndx"%s" .dynamic section header was not found"%s" .dynamic section has invalid offset: 0x%zx (expected to match PT_DYNAMIC offset 0x%zx)"%s" .dynamic section has invalid size: 0x%zx, expected to match PT_DYNAMIC filesz: 0x%zxEM_MIPSnormalize_path - invalid input: "%s", the input path should be absolutesign/precision unsupportedPTRACE_EVENT_STOPyoperator&=operator*=unsigned char colourEventTagMap: mmap(%s) failed: %s statsZip: inflate zerr=%d (nIn=%p aIn=%u nOut=%p aOut=%u)Zip: Failed to map central directory, offset exceeds mapped memory region (start_offset %lld, cd_size %zu, mapped_region_size %lld)Zip: read %lld from offset %lld failedAttempt to mmap directory '%s'mmap '%s' failed: %s unimplemented short;Offset(%d) should be within file size(%zu) for %s.string-idsencoded_value headerBad encoded_value int/float size %xannotation_element name_idxtoo many static field initial valuesOut-of-order proto_id return typesInvalid superclass: '%s'Abstract method %u(%s) has disallowed access flags %xexecute-only (no-read) memory access error; likely due to data in .text.r0r5r6r25x29__cxa_guard_acquire failed to release mutextypeinfo for reference temporary for std::basic_string, std::allocator >Crecursive_mutex lock failed%s:%d: %s CHECK 'page->free_block_list != nullptr' failedB|%d|%sANDROID_DNS_MODELD_SHOW_AUXVNo message of desired typeAdvertise errorMultihop attemptedToo many usersSocket operation on non-socketOperation already in progress/vendor_property_contexts%F^[nN]TLS symbol "%s" in solib "%s" with no TLS segmentinit_default_namespacesRELO TLS_DTPMOD %16p <- %zu %s cfi shadowunaligned __cfi_check in the library "%s"InitialLinkDone.shared_libsCANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "%s": %s error: expected absolute path: "%s" [vdso]Enabling[ Calling c-tor %s @ %p for '%s' ]failed to drop capabilitiesILL_BADSTKFPE_DECERRSI_KERNELSI_QUEUESI_SIGIOoperator delete[]stdstd::string ,%%persist.logd.securityZip: Invalid entry pointerZip: bad data offset %lld in zipclass_defs_ + header_->class_defs_size_char;MethodTypemap sizeBad encoded_array value: %sout-of-order %s indexes %u and %uDBG_SET_FILE name_idxBad annotation visibility: %xparameter_annotations listOut-of-order field_idsCallSiteArray missing method handleConstructor %u(%s) must not be abstract or nativeOut-of-bounds end of data subsection: %zu data_off=%u data_size=%u stack: logd.call to kuser_memory_barrier +%llutail end of r27_block_invoke/=-=ge = newUnknown error %d%s:%d: assertion "%s" failed%s:%d: %s CHECK 'block_size_ != 0' failedoverflow trying to alloc %zu bytesDatagramSocketImplMALLOC_CHECK_error setting PER_LINUX32 personality: %sPOSIXArgument list too longNot a typewriterObject is remoteRemote address changedAccessing a corrupted shared libraryWrong medium typestrncpyASCIIfprintfputcpthread_mutex_lockfind_libraries(ns=%s): task=%s, is_dt_needed=%d%s:%d: %s CHECK 'soinfos_count == 1' failedinvalid flags to dlopen: %xmissing-soname-enforced-for-api-level-23libicui18n.so "%s:%d: %s CHECK 'p != MAP_FAILED' failedCFI could not find libdl.isolated"%s" has unsupported e_shentsize: 0x%x (expected 0x%zx)%s:%d: %s CHECK 'mod.soinfo_ptr == si' failed!/Warning: unable to normalize "%s" (ignoring)failed to set PR_SET_NO_NEW_PRIVSILL_COPROCILL_BNDMODFPE_FLTDIVfalseoperator/operator|_GLOBAL__N_1unsigned shortauto.eh_frameGNU(byte >> 4) == 0x8QC_RILnode == list_head(&convertHead)epochmonotonics\%03oZip: Invalid filename %.*sZip: Found duplicate entry %.*sZlib errorbyte;long;encoded_value typeBad encoded_value annotation value_arg %xBogus encoded_value value_type %xMultiple map list itemsfirst_class_data_definer method_idMethod %u(%s) is marked constructor, but doesn't match nameConstructor %u(%s) flagged inappropriately %xr18rspecxx26-b1E%LaLcv::*money_get error__vdso_clock_gettimeallocerror getting old personality value: %sIdentifier removedHost is downRemote I/O errorwritelocaltimeTZscanf 'm' makes no sense with '*'dlclose(handle=%p, realpath="%s"@%p) ...DEBUG: d = %p, d[0](tag) = %p d[1](val) = %pDT_RPATHfind_library_internal(ns=%s, task=%s): Greylisted library - trying namespace %slibrary "%s" not foundWarning: couldn't read config file "%s" for "%s"/etc/ld.config.txt/data/asan/odm/libRELO TLS_TPREL %16p <- %16p %s unknown reloc type %d @ %p (%zu)name "%s"@%p is not in solist!"%s": W+E load segments are not allowedcouldn't map "%s" segment %zd: %sEM_ARMbionic/linker/linker_soinfo.cpp[ Done calling d-tor %s @ %p for '%s' ]/dev/socket/logdwfailed to set traceablecapget failedSIGTRAPSEGV_ADIPERRPTRACE_EVENT_EXECro.debuggable (offset 0x%llx)operator&operator%operator>>intRaw Data: 0x%02xDW_CFA_advance_loc %d 0x%x(byte >> 4) == 0x9(byte >> 6) == 0x3pop {wR%d%lld/system/etc/event-log-tagsEventTagMap: unexpected chars (0x%02x) in tag number on line %d %c%u64211847Zip: bad compressed length in zip (%lld + %u > %lld)Invalid file, data_base=data_sizeShorty vs. primitive type mismatch: '%c', '%s'Bad file size (%zd, expected %u)Bad encoded_value method size %xBad encoded_value boolean size %xunexpected static field initial value type: 'C' vs '%c'Illegal continuation byte %x in string dataOut-of-order method_idx for annotation: %x then %xToo many class definition itemsBad field access_flags for %s: %x(%s) must have descriptor ()Vpid: %d, tid: %d, name: %s >>> %s <<< %m-%d %H:%M:%S%sfd %i: %s (unowned) r8x8___Zdelete) : ([abi:'(SunWedJulallocator::allocate(size_t n) 'n' exceeds maximum supported sizedebug.atrace.tags.enableflagsSocketImplPermission deniedDevice or resource busyOperation now in progressQuota exceeded/vendor/etc/selinux/vendor_property_contextscount%s: %zu-element pollfd array too small for %u fds%m/%d/%y-0pthread_create failed: couldn't mprotect R+W %zu-byte thread mapping region: %spthread_mutex_unlockpthread_mutex_destroy%s:%d: %s CHECK '(linker_si.flags_ & FLAG_GNU_HASH) != 0' failedandroid_get_LD_LIBRARY_PATH failed, buffer too small: buffer len %zu, required len %zuDEBUG: %s constructors (DT_INIT_ARRAY) found at %plibandroid_runtime.solibbinder.solibutils.sofind_library_in_linked_namespace(ns=%s, task=%s): Already loaded~ShadowWrite%s:%zd: warning: property value is empty (ignoring this line)error: unable to open file "%s" "%s" is 64-bit instead of 32-bitDT_FINIlibc%s: %s/proc/self/commILL_ILLTRPFPE_DECDIVFPE_FLTUNK%s%s init.svc.tombstonedsigned charlong longstd::iostreamstd::ostream unknownfinishyear*%c/%-8.*s: EventTagMap: missing tag string on line %d Zip: MappedZipFile doesn't have a file descriptor.Zip: Unexpected size %zu (declared) vs %zu (actual)too many length or distance symbolsCorrupt CompactDexFile header in '%s'double;UNIMPLEMENTEDCheck failed: !location.empty()Map is missing field_ids entryField's class index unexpected, %uvs %uunexpected static field initial value type: 'D' vs '%c'Hiddenapi class data offset out of section bounds (%u > %u) for class def %uinter_method_id_item class_idxclass with superclass type idx outside uint16_t range '%x:%x'Invalid interface: '%s'Out-of-order entry types: %x then %xMethod %u(%s) has no code, but is not marked native or abstracttimeout expired while waiting for thread %d to dump/proc/self/cmdline lrx1x16terminate_handler unexpectedly returnedUa9enable_ifI%advlepL>(sizeof...(basic_ostreamnoexcept(SaturdayAprilAugustfdsanLIBC_DEBUG_MALLOC_OPTIONSLOCPATHNo such deviceSoftware caused connection abort/vendor/etc/selinux/nonplat_property_contextsu_hasBinaryPropertystrncpy: detected read past end of %zu-byte buffer,M4.1.0,M10.5.0%s: bad magic in "%s": "%.6s" fputcubsan: sub-overflow DEBUG: %s: looking up %s in local scope (DT_SYMBOLIC)error linking namespaces "%s"->"%s": the list of shared libraries is empty.DEBUG: [ relocating %s rel ]find_library_internal(ns=%s, task=%s): Trying %zu linked namespaces(unknown)... dlclose: unloading "%s"@%p ...... dlclose: calling destructors for "%s"@%p ... done[ CFI add 0x%zx + 0x%zx %s ],"%s" dynamic section mmap failed: %scouldn't reserve %zd bytes of address space for "%s"DT_FINI_ARRAY[ Done calling c-tor %s @ %p for '%s' ]Failed testing for SA_SIGINFO: %sfailed to open /dev/nullfailed to waitpid in double forkSEGV_ADIDERR operator new[]operator!__float128char16_t/dev/IMSSTK%f%llud (name=, start=invalid code -- missing end-of-blockincorrect length checktype-idsmaplist contentMap is missing method_ids entryMethod's class index unexpected, %u vs %uencoded_value stringInvalid try_item start_addr: %xdebug_info_item parameter_nameannotation visibilityinter_type_id_item descriptor_idxInvalid method name: '%s'CallSite has bad method handle id: %xFields may not be volatile and final: %s (idx=pthread_mutex_try_lock failed: %scmsg_len() not long enough to hold any dataro.build.fingerprint--->r13*=nwstd::basic_ostream >abort messageE|/sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace_markerfailed to make WriteProtected nonwritable in mutate: %s/dev/urandomMath result not representableInvalid request descriptorAttempting to link in too many shared librariesStale NFS file handleOperation not possible due to RF-killmemcpyLocal time zone must be set--see zic manual page%cpthread_create sched_setscheduler(%d, {%d}) call failed: %subsan: add-overflow android_link_namespaces failed(nullptr)DEBUG: %s destructors (DT_FINI_ARRAY) found at %plinker_asan64unable to fstatfs file for the library "%s": %s... dlclose(root="%s"@%p) ... not unloading - the load group is flagged with NODELETEapexbin/data/asan/vendor/lib/.versionLD_LIBRARY_PATH/initget_string"%s" has invalid offset/size of the .strtab section linked from .dynamic sectionread of IPC pipe failed: %ssecond clone failed: %sBytes read %zu, is not a multiple of %zu?/memfd:operator()operator>operator[]operator->unsigned long(byte & ~0x07) == 0xc0/proc/successZip: inflate read failed, getSize = %zu: %snameOffset %lld too large for '%s' of size %zuclasses%zu.dexUnexpected endian_tag: %xlinkouts_size (%ud) > registers_size (%ud)String data would go beyond end-of-fileInvalid parameters_size: %xmethod_annotations listinter_proto_id_item return_type_idxToo many class data itemsBad size for section: got %x, expected %xfailed to send trace signal to %d: %s%p (*pc=%#08x)call to kuser_get_tlscall to kuser_cmpxchgFailed to read abort message header: %s #%02d %sfd %i: (owned by %#llx) r3ripedix7&=->*dVlS[] DOid<std::bad_castios_base::clearFriJanuaryOctober/vendor/bin/shLevel 2 not synchronizedInterrupted system call should be restartedAddress family not supported by protocolSystem property context nodes%2d%Y-%m-%d/apex/com.android.tzdata/etc/tz/tzdatapthread_createpthread_create failed: clone failed: %sToo many nested calls to dlopen()"%s" has text relocationsunauthorized access toDEBUG: Processing "%s" relocation at index %zdTLS symbol "%s" in dlopened "%s" referenced from "%s" using IE access model"AddLibrary__cfi_init"%s" has unexpected e_version: %dBUS_ADRALNFPE_CONDTRAPTRAP_BRANCHTRAP_UNDIAGNOSEDSI_DETHREAD operator==(anonymous namespace)(byte >> 6) == 0x2descriptive %z%llu:security start=%u.%09u, 1=LongType]Zip open failed: encoded_value methodBad encoded_value array value_arg %xBogus handler offset: %xUnknown map item type %xInvalid class_data_iteminter_annotations_directory_item field_idFailure to verify dex file '%s': received tid %d, expected %dfailed to connect to tombstoned: %sfailed to write DumpRequest packet: %suid: %d r1r9x24cannot zero out thread value for __cxa_get_globals()mior' complexDoSepfree_pageinvalid pointer %p (page signature mismatch)FileOutputStreamattempted to close file descriptor %d, expected to be owned by %s 0x%llx, actually unownedattempted to close file descriptor %d, expected to be unowned, actually owned by %s 0x%llxfailed to exchange ownership of file descriptor: fd %d is owned by %s 0x%llx, was expected to be owned by %s 0x%llx/vendor/etc/passwdoem_%uRES_OPTIONSTMPDIROperation not permittedCross-device linkToo many references: cannot splicectl.memmovestrlcpy%T__bionic_open_tzdata_pathfreadnounsupported DT_RELA in "%s"failed mapping GNU RELRO section for "%s": %sfind_library_internal(ns=%s, task=%s): Found in linked namespace %slibvorbisidec.so, version DEBUG: %s: looking up %s in %s (from global group)DEBUG: %s: looking up %s in %s (from local group)reference to TLS symbol "%s" from non-TLS relocation in "%s"RELO TLS_DTPREL %16p <- %16p %s .asanSEARCH %s in %s@%p (gnu)DT_PREINIT_ARRAY%s:%d: %s CHECK 'mod.static_offset == SIZE_MAX' failedcrash_dump helper failed to execcapset failed: %s/dev/kmsg_debugSIGABRTILL_PRVOPCFPE_INTDIV0 (operator<operator->*charunsigned int%*s%sRaw Data:(byte >> 4) == 0xa+++ LOG: entry too small UTC/dev/socket/getStatisticsgetPruneList, static_cast((65535))=Zip: file name boundary exceeds the central directory range, file_name_length: %x, cd_length: %zuZip: Entry at offset zero has invalid LFH signature %xinvalid distance too far backEnumInvalid or truncated dex fileMap is missing string_ids entryFound virtual method with same index as direct method: %dBad encoded_value byte size %xunexpected static field initial value type: 'Z' vs '%c'direct methodinter_proto_id_item shorty_idxinter_method_id_item name_idxclass_defscall_site_ids*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** %s.%03d %5d %5d %c %-8s: %s r14rdieaxvtable for VTT for alignof (!noexcept (ugtlsrsConnection timed outNo XENIX semaphores availablefsetxattr failed to set context (%s) for "%s"initystack corruption detected (-fstack-protector)/apex/com.android.runtime/etc/tz/tzdatagetlineunknownempty/missing DT_HASH/DT_GNU_HASH in "%s" (new hash type from the future?)dlsym_linear_lookup/odm/libTLS relocation refers to symbol "%s" in solib "%s" with no TLS segmentRELO R_386_32 %08x <- +%08x %s"%s" .dynamic section has invalid size: 0x%zx (expected to match PT_DYNAMIC filesz 0x%zx)invalid ELF file "%s" load segment[%zd]: p_offset (%p) + p_filesz (%p) ( = %p) past end of file (0x%llx)"%s": ignoring DT_PREINIT_ARRAY in shared library!DT_INIT_ARRAYget_handle}bionic/libc/async_safe/async_safe_log.cppfailed to resend signal during crashBytes after second read %zu, is not a multiple of %zuSYS_SECCOMPTRAP_TRACErunning .cfilong doubleshort.note.gnu.build-id-r%dpop {d%dthreadtime%19lld==Zip: size mismatch on inflated file (%lu vs %u)Zip: MappedZipFile doesn't have a base pointer.>Iteration endedEmpty archive (size_=BooleanMap item after end of file: %x, size %xhandler type_idxunexpected static field initial value type: 'L' vs '%c'DBG_START_LOCAL name_idxhiddenapi class data sectionUnable to init unwinder.x13libc++abi_Zdynamic_cast^=fLeOlt)( ... stringostream%LfFridayinvalid type: %u/system/bin/shART FdFileGCONV_PATHNo such device or address%s/properties_serialsizestrlen: detected read past end of buffer%%n not allowed on Android%4dwubsan: negate-overflowname %s: allocating soinfo for ns=%p(anonymous)libnativehelper.sounsupported verdef[%zd] vd_version: %d (expected 1) library: %sMaybeInit": list of shared_libs for next_tokentrueunable to stat "/proc/self/exe": %sEM_???NOT FOUND %s in %s@%pbionic/linker/linker_tls.cppfailed to write crash inforead of IPC pipe returned unexpected value: %zdFPE_INTOVFTRAP_HWBKPToperator?half%s, r14}SpareUnsupported DX register displaystderr%s %c/%-8.*s(%s%5d): %llusEventTagMap: invalid tag char %c on line %d uid=crashZip: empty archive?MethodDuplicate map section of type %xBad encoded_value method handle size %xcodeInvalid handlers_size: %udMismatched length for parameters and shortyinter_class_def_item class_idxConstructor %u(%s) must be void (class_idx.index_=, header->method_ids_size_=fieldfield_idsannotation_set_itemreceived unexpected cmsg: [espAbort message header malformed: claimed length = %zd %s.%03d %5d %5d %c %-8.*s: %s !.VDIWEFSr20pcrdxrbpx15unexpectedguard variable for .*oo ...dnStLThursdayFebMardouble-close of file descriptor %d detectedLD_PROFILELOCALDOMAINNo data availableCannot exec a shared library directlysecurity.selinux/plat_property_contextsstrchr: prevented read past end of buffervsnprintf%s: could not seek to %ld in "%s": %s ubsan: divrem-overflow invalid extended flags to android_dlopen_ext: 0x%llxdlsym failed: library handle is nulldlsym failed: symbol name is nullcannot find verneed/verdef for version index=%d referenced by symbol "%s" at "%s"can't enable GNU RELRO protection for "%s": %slibrary "%s" ("%s") needed or dlopened by "%s" is not accessible for the namespace: [name="%s", ld_library_paths="%s", default_library_paths="%s", permitted_paths="%s"]soinfo=%p is not in soinfo_list (double unload?)libgui.so%s:%d: %s CHECK '*shadow_start == p' failedenable.target.sdk.versioninvalid version "VNDK_VERposix_memalign is not implemented in the linkerLD_PRELOADerror: %s "%s" is for %s (%d) instead of %s (%d), fault addr %psystem/core/debuggerd/libdebuggerd/utility.cpp from pid %d, uid %dSEGV_PKUERRPTRACE_EVENT_EXIToperator*operator||%s:%d: %s vsp = r%dGSMbriefcolor/system/bin/dmesgsetLogSize %d %zu %d pid=%uzerrinvalid literal/lengths setUnreachedint;art/libdexfile/dex/dex_file_loader.ccFailed to extract '%s' from '%s': %sart/libdexfile/dex/dex_file_verifier.ccmethod_handle valuecould not find declaring class for %s index %uInvalid type descriptor: '%s'Invalid class descriptor: '%s'Class with same type idx as implemented interface: '%d'inter_class_def_item interface type_idxinter_class_data_item method_idInterface field has disallowed flag, %s: %x(%s)Interface virtual method %u(%s) is not public) not aligned to sizeof(int)Error while reading log: %s %sfd %i: %s (owned by %s %#llx) r12rsix11x12__cxa_guard_release failed to broadcast condition variablevirtual thunk to +=>>=ul%afoRrmnaistream &&unspecified iostream_category errorgenericbionic_alloc_small_objectsFORTIFYfailed to exchange ownership of file descriptor: fd %d is owned by %s 0x%llx, was expected to be unownedfdsan atomic_compare_exchange_strong failed unexpectedly while exchanging owner tagHOSTALIASESNIS_PATHC.UTF-8INF%F %T %z/data/misc/zoneinfo/current/tzdata%s: couldn't seek to index in "%s": %s pthread_create sched_getscheduler failed: %sget_libdl_infodlerror set to "%s"bionic/linker/linker.cppDEBUG: dynamic = %punknown OS-specificunable to stat file for the library "%s": %slibrary "%s" wasn't loaded and RTLD_NOLOAD prevented it/apex/com.android.runtime/lib.permitted.paths[ LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to "%s" ]%s:%d: %s CHECK 'map_size >= size' failed"%s" .dynamic section has invalid offset: 0x%zx, expected to match PT_DYNAMIC offset: 0x%zx"%s" has invalid offset/size of .dynamic section"%s" invalid file size: %lldORIGINSEARCH %s in %s@%p h=%x(elf) %zdRequested dump for tid %d (%s)failed to create pipefailed to write crash info, wrote %zd bytes, expected %zd %08llxILL_ILLOPC%sNOTE: found under the lib/ directory are readable. operator<<operator+operator+=operator++::__int128unsigned long long 0x%02xPC 0x%llx[Reserved]-wR%d.%09ld.%03ld%5s:[ %s %s%5d:%5d %c/%-8.*s ] EventTagMap: malformed tag number on line %d Check failed: static_cast((65535))Zip: %lld extraneous bytes at the end of the central directoryinvalid distance codebaseDex file '%s' has zero lengthunexpected static field initial value type: 'B' vs '%c'Illegal start byte %x in string dataOut-of-order type_ids: %x then %xInvalid class definition ordering: class with type idx: '%d' defined before superclass with type idx: '%d'inter_class_def_item superclass_idxCallSite has bad method type: %xMismatched defining class for field_annotation=Bad offset for section: got %zx, expected %xannotation_set_ref_listtransient failed to write to output fd %s iesUnable to open %s: %s x25unexpected_handler unexpectedly returnedconstruction vtable for ||plstring literal imaginaryREMondayFebruarymutex lock failedunspecified system_category errorZipArchiveLD_DEBUG_OUTPUTMALLOC_CONFUTF-8Out of memoryBlock device requiredOut of streams resourcesMachine is not on the networkLink has been severed/sys/devices/system/cpu/dev/__properties__/property_info/property_contextsnanandroid_init_anonymous_namespace failed: ... dlopen calling constructors: realpath="%s", soname="%s", handle=%punsupported DT_PLTREL in "%s"; expected DT_RELDEBUG: %s constructors (DT_PREINIT_ARRAY) found at %pfailed serializing GNU RELRO section for "%s": %sWarning: ignoring very long library path: %sload_library(ns=%s, task=%s): Already loaded under different name/path "%s" - will return existing soinfo[ opening %s from namespace %s ]libsqlite.solibicuuc.so%s:%d: %s CHECK 'map->l_name != nullptr' failed link is not specified or is empty.invalid format: Could not find a PHDR: broken executable?"%s" has unknown ELF class: %d[ Calling d-tor %s @ %p for '%s' ][ Calling %s (size %zd) @ %p for '%s' ]bionic/linker/linker_utils.cppfailed to wait for crash_dump helper: %sfailed to raise ambient capability %lu: %sILL_BADIADDR%sNOTE: to unreadable libraries. For unwinds of apps, only shared libraries n #%02zu pc %08llxoperator=operator/=boolDW_CFA_offset register(%d) %lldvsp = vsp - %d/mapsATdirectory_map->size()Zip: Failed to map central directory, bad mapped_zip base pointer Zip: bad local hdr offset in zipSuccessFile mapping failedinvalid distances set&class_defIntclasses.dex0u dex files. Please consider coalescing and shrinking the number to avoid runtime overhead.mapMap is missing header entryDBG_START_LOCAL_EXTENDED type_idxannotations_directoryfirst_annotations_dir_definer field_idBad method handle type %xConstructor %u(%s) is not flagged correctly wrt/ static.idxprotected V ----- end %d ----- Failed to unwindr7r10^|=+fpUlvEDxTeSundayOctAM__vdso_clock_getres/sys/fs/selinux/nullran out of AT_RANDOM bytes, have %zu, requested %zuIs a directoryNo record locks availableChannel number out of rangeBad font file formatNot a data message.lib section in a.out corruptedOperation Canceled/dev/__properties__NAN%3dlibrary "%s" has invalid DT_NEEDED entry "%s"dlsym(handle=%p("%s"), sym_name="%s", sym_ver="%s", caller="%s", caller_ns=%s@%p) ...DEBUG: %s constructors (DT_INIT) found at %pText-Relocations-Enforced-for-API-level-23can't unprotect loadable segments for "%s": %sDEBUG: [ relocating %s relr ]cannot locate symbol "%s" referenced by "%s"...AddNotifyLibDl": ".linksreserved address space %zd smaller than %zd bytes needed for "%s"/system/bin/crash_dump32SIGILLoperator^decimal64unwind.debug_frame.eh_frame_hdr register(__dex_debug_descriptor%c(%s%5d:%5d) Zip: didn't find signature at start of lfh, offset=%lldfstat '%s' failed: %sclass_defs_Check failed: ::art::IsAligned(begin_)Shortmethod_type valueSection overlap or out-of-order map: %zx, %xinter_field_id_item type_idxInvalid annotations_off_, not aligned by 4thread %d is already outputting to fd %d?/proc/%d/commreceived too many file descriptors, expected Unwind failed: tid = %d%F %TFailed to init unwinder object.call to kuser_helper_version%08llx %08llx--->Fault address falls at %s between mapped regions OpenFilesList contains an entry (fd %d) with no path or ownerx27x28cannot create thread specific key for __cxa_get_globals()<<=ml restrictWednesdayJulyFILE*ParcelFileDescriptoren_US.UTF-8No space left on deviceNo CSI structure availableNetwork is downmemset%I:%M:%S %pposixrulesabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 :+-._%a %b %e %T %Y%s: could not read header of "%s": %s %s: could not read index of "%s": %s %s: null FILE*rn/aunsupported DT_ANDROID_RELA in "%s"WARNING: linker: "%s" has text relocations (https://android.googlesource.com/platform/bionic/+/master/android-changes-for-ndk-developers.md#Text-Relocations-Enforced-for-API-level-23)%s/%s%s:%d: %s CHECK '(cfi_check & (kCfiCheckAlign - 1)) == 0' failed->.namespacesdebug.ld.greylist_disabledbionic/linker/linker_mapped_file_fragment.cpp%s:%d: %s CHECK 'safe_add(&end_offset, end_offset, page_offset(offset))' failed"%s" has unexpected e_type: %dinvalid .dynamic sectionNOT FOUND %s in %s@%p %x %zdsafe_addfailed to restore traceable %s: ILL_ILLOPNFPE_FLTUNDSI_TIMERnon-virtual thunk to ...decltype(nullptr)Unsupported wCGR register displayAssertion failed: %s,:; time%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.Call to inflateInit2 failed (zerr=%d) (directory_map->size()=header crc mismatchCorrupt header in '%s', class_defs_ + header_->class_defs_size_=float;MethodHandleBad range for %s: %zx to %zxOffset(%d) should be aligned by %zu for %s.Size(%u) should not exceed limit(%u) for %s.Bad header size: %ud expected %udfield-idsToo many items in data section: %ud item_type %zxencoded_valueInvalid handler catch_all_addr: %xInvalid try_item insn_count: %xNo data map entry found @ %zx; expected %xUnexpected data map entry @ %zx; expected %x, found %xInvalid field name: '%s'CallSite has bad method name id: %xmethod_handle_item method_idxheader->method_ids_size_method_idsclosing fd %d for thread %d%p memory map (%zu entr%s): --->Fault address falls at %s before any mapped regions r17attempted to disable fallback allocator in use by another thread (%d)__cxa_guard_acquire failed to acquire mutex__cxa_guard_acquire condition variable wait failedterminating with %s exception of type %s: %ssrstd::basic_istream >DCiostream &pixel vector[unionMayFile too largeCannot assign requested addressConnection reset by peerpollreadlinkNaN%02d%e-%b-%Y/system/usr/share/zoneinfo/tzdataNFINITYsi %s sym %s s->st_value = %p, found in %s, base = %p, load bias = %plinker_asan dlopen NOT translating "%s" -> "%s": library already loadedsymbol "%s" found but not globalbad android relocation header.library "%s" needed or dlopened by "%s" is not accessible for the namespace "%s"invalid verdef[%zd] vd_cnt == 0 (version without a name)RELO JMP_SLOT %16p <- %16p %s %s:%zd: warning: redefining property "%s" (overriding previous value)Usage: %s program [arguments...] %s path.zip!/program [arguments...] A helper program for linking dynamic executables. Typically, the kernel loads this program because it's the PT_INTERP of a dynamic executable. This program can also be run directly to load and run a dynamic executable. The executable can be inside a zip file if it's stored uncompressed and at a page-aligned offset. [ Ready to execute "%s" @ %p ]dlopen%s:%d: %s CHECK 'handle_ == 0' failedSIGSEGVFPE_FLTSUB1operator%= const.gnu_debugdatasystem/core/libunwindstack/ArmExidx.cpp-d%dSMS%5d:%lld%cBmainsystem tail=%uZip: bad LFH offset %lld at entry %uZip: Unable to read header for entry at offset == 0.Zip: Invalid declared lengthinvalid bit length repeatUnsupported for standard dexclass-defsclass_data_item method_idxsectionunexpected static field initial value type: 'I' vs '%c'static fieldfailed to read response to DumpRequest packet: %sreceived DumpRequest response packet of incorrect length (expected %zu, got %zd)r16ipx19__cxa_guard_abort failed to acquire mutex<<mITu%llu%s: null DIR*attempted to close file descriptor %d, expected to be owned by %s 0x%llx, actually owned by %s 0x%llxLD_DYNAMIC_WEAKLevel 3 resetProtocol driver not attachedTimer expiredThe property name length for "%s" is >= %d; please use __system_property_read_callback to read this property. (the name is truncated to "%s")/system/etc/selinux/plat_property_contextsshort readscanf 'm' only works with %%c/%%s/%%[pthread_mutex_trylockubsan: sub-overflowubsan: negate-overflow increment_dso_handle_reference_counterdlopen considering translation from %s to APEX path %sdlopen translation accepted: using %slinker_asan dlopen translating "%s" -> "%s"[ Linking "%s" ] linker cannot have DT_NEEDED dependencies on other librariesreadlink("%s") failed: %s [fd=%d]/data/asan/system/libunexpected TLS reference to local symbol "%s": sym type %d, rel type %u (idx %zu of "%s")%s:%d: %s CHECK 'shadow_start != nullptr' failed[ CFI add 0x%zx + 0x%zx %s: 0x%zx ]%s:%d: %s CHECK 'cfi_init != 0' failed%s:%zd: warning: unexpected property name "%s", expected format dir. (ignoring this line)%s:%zd: warning: += isn't allowed for property "%s" (ignoring)bionic/linker/linker_main.cpp[ Android dynamic linker (32-bit) ]readlink('/proc/self/exe') failed: %sLoad%s:%d: %s CHECK 'index < strtab_size_' failed"%s" has invalid shdr offset/size: %zu/%zu"%s" .dynamic section has invalid sh_link: %dwritable-and-executable-segments-enforced-for-api-level-26couldn't zero fill "%s" gap: %s%s:%d: %s CHECK 'has_min_version(3)' failed%s:%d: %s CHECK 'handle_ != 0' failedfailed to set dumpablefailed to set pipe buffer sizeoffoperator--operator|=CDMAprintablestreamstart + 0xffffff has in excess of method-idsdataMap is missing proto_ids entryMap is missing class_defs entryStatic/instance field not in expected listvirtual methodinter_proto_id_item shorty type_idxOut-of-order method_idsinter_annotations_directory_item parameter method_idMethod interface in dex file failed to find target threadFailed to read abort message: %s (fault address prefixed with --->) %8llx %8llx%08xx4cannot allocate __cxa_eh_globalsexecute once failure in __cxa_get_globals_fast()terminating with %s foreign exceptionuncaught!=dsrSsrN_GLOBAL__Nstd::basic_iostream >Junesqlite/vendor/etc/groupLD_ORIGIN_PATHText file busyRead-only file systemInvalid request codeFile descriptor in bad stateProtocol not supportedNo route to host%H:%M%jdname %s: allocated soinfo @ %pCrossing namespace boundary (si=%s@%p, si_ns=%s@%p, needed_by=%s@%p, ns=%s@%p, needed_by_ns=%s@%p) adding to local_group_roots: %s(default)libssl.sofind_library_in_linked_namespace(ns=%s, task=%s): Not accessible (soname=%s)... dlclose(realpath="%s"@%p) ... load group root is "%s"@%p... dlclose: calling destructors for "%s"@%p ... %s:%d: %s CHECK 'shadow_start == nullptr' failedadditional.namespaces link.%s greylistDisabling"%s" shdr mmap failed: %s"%s" strtab section mmap failed: %sunregister_tls_moduleWarning: "%s" is not a directory (ignoring)conversion specifier unsupported/dev/nullDEBUGSIGFPESEGV_ACCADIPTRACE_EVENT_CLONEPTRACE_EVENT_SECCOMPSI_TKILLoperator-doublestd::istream(byte & ~0x07) == 0xc8%02hhxzone_.-@,/sys/fs/pstore/pmsg-ramoops-0<=boolean;FloatBad shorty character: '%c'Map is missing type_ids entryDBG_START_LOCAL_EXTENDED name_idxDBG_START_LOCAL_EXTENDED sig_idxinter_method_id_item proto_idxCallSiteArray missing method typeInterface method %u(%s) is not public and abstractclass_idx.index_type_listfallback allocator already in usefailed to read tidfailed to set output fd flags: %ssystem/core/base/cmsg.cppmessage was truncated when receiving file descriptorscontrol message was truncated when receiving file descriptorsx86eipCause: %s --------- %slog %s x2%=aNeqbasic_istream__next_prime overflowmmap failed: %sinvalid android_fdsan_owner_type value: %xvendor_LD_AUDITNLSPATHRFS specific errorDestination address requiredProtocol wrong type for socketnfinityubsan: mul-overflow find_librariesdlopen(name="%s", flags=0x%x, extinfo=%s, caller="%s", caller_ns=%s@%p, targetSdkVersion=%i) ...(null)invalid extended flag combination (ANDROID_DLEXT_USE_LIBRARY_FD_OFFSET without ANDROID_DLEXT_USE_LIBRARY_FD): 0x%llxANDROID_DLEXT_USE_NAMESPACE is set but extinfo->library_namespace is nulldlclose[flags=0x%llx, reserved_addr=%p, reserved_size=0x%zx, relro_fd=%d, library_fd=%d, library_fd_offset=0x%llx, library_namespace=%s@%p]... dlopen failed: %sRELO R_386_PC32 %08x <- +%08x (%08x - %08x) %s, expected "name = property", "name += property", or "[section]"%s:%d: %s CHECK 'did_read_' failed"%s" not little-endian: %d"%s" has no loadable segments %08llxILL_ILLADRBUS_MCEERR_ARoperator-=Warning: PC is moving backwards: old 0x%x new 0x%x 0x%llxANDROID_LOG_TAGScorrupted listmsradiokerneldumpAndCloseZip: bad CD advance (%tu vs %zu) at entry %uunknown compression method (&class_def=Check failed: IsInt<8>(jval_.i)EncodedArrayValueIterator::ValueType[Map is missing map_list entryNon-zero padding %x before section of type %zu at offset 0x%zxtry_items sizeOut-of_order try_item with start_addr: %xHiddenapi class data offset not zero for class def %u with no class dataInvalid descriptor for type_idx: '%s'/proc/%d/taskabort didn't exit, exitingrbxx14x20__cxa_guard_release failed to acquire mutexinvocation function for block in static_castsizeof... (ull(eo vector[NovemberPATHfailed to make WriteProtected writable in mutate: %sFile table overflowToo many linksLevel 3 haltedLink number out of rangeExchange fullPackage not installedValue too large for defined data typeMessage too longRequired key not available/sys/devices/system/cpu/onlinero.write intostrncat: prevented write past end of bufferfailed to mmap main thread static TLS: %s%H:%M:%Subsan: implicit-conversionandroid_link_namespaces_all_libs failed... dlopen successful: realpath="%s", soname="%s", handle=%pTLS segment alignment in "%s" is not a power of 2: %zuunsupported DT_ANDROID_RELASZ in "%s"unsupported DT_RELASZ in "%s"text relocationslinker_asan[ Reading linker config "%s" ]libui.sorelocatecurrent[ Linking executable "%s" ]"%s" has invalid phdr offset/size: %zu/%zuW+E load segmentsEM_386[ %s[%d] == %p ]SI_MESGQoperator<<=Attempt to set new register, but cfa is not already set to a register.vsp = vsp + %d%02llu:alselibloglen (len=Zip: bad offsets (dir %u, size %u, eocd %lld)Zip: missed a central dir sig (at %u)Zip: size/crc32 mismatch. expected {%u, %u, %x}, was {%u, %u, %x}Unrecognized dex file header in '%s'Unrecognized version number in DoubleFailed to open dex file '%s' from memory: %sInvalid use of voidclass_data_item field_idxBad encoded_value string size %xBad encoded_value field/enum size %xBad encoded_value null value_arg %xHiddenapi class data unexpected offset (%u != %u) for class def %uHiddenapi class data wrong reported size (%u != %u)CallSiteArray missing target method namemethod_handle_item field_idxtype_idssynchronized %F %T%zsignal %d (%s), code %d (%s%s), fault addr %s spx3x9x23&&|::operator DvenumSeptemberDecJE_MALLOC_CONFLD_AOUT_LIBRARY_PATHInterrupted system callMath argument out of domain of funcDirectory not emptyCannot send after transport endpoint shutdownConnection refusedOwner diedu:object_r:properties_serial:s0read fromstrlcatGMT%s: invalid data and index offsets in "%s": %u %u Contending for pthread mutex%s:%d: %s CHECK '++it->second != 0' failedDEBUG: [ finished linking %s ]%s:%d: %s CHECK 'si_ != nullptr' failedreference to non-TLS symbol "%s" from TLS relocation in "%s"__cfi_checkboth shared_libs and allow_all_shared_libs are set for %s:%d: %s CHECK 'prev != nullptr' failed[ LD_PRELOAD set to "%s" ]%s:%d: %s CHECK 'safe_add(&end_offset, offset, size)' failedcalling destructors: SIGSTOPBUS_ADRERRFPE_FLTOVF #%02zu pc %016llx, ~Attempt to set offset, but cfa is not set to a register.Raw Data: 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x01uid%6lld (%.*s) %c(%s%5d) Invalid handleStringArray, 0u=method flags verificationunexpected static field initial value type: 'S' vs '%c'Bad reg_num for opcode %xInvalid offset in CallSideIdItemField may have only one of public/protected/private, %s: %x(%s)Interface field is not public final static, %s: %x(%s)cmpxchg for thread %d failedrecursed signal handler call, aborting, received Abort message: '%s' raxrcxx21terminating&reinterpret_castlvectorFileInputStreamGETCONF_DIRInvalid slotStreams pipe errorSocket type not supportedProtocol family not supportedKey was rejected by servicepersist.sys.timezonefilenofread_unlockeddlclose failedbionic/linker/dlfcn.cpplibrary name "%s" too long%s:%d: %s CHECK 'it != g_dso_handle_counters.end()' failedundefined symbol: %smissing PT_DYNAMIC in "%s"DT_ENCODINGwarning: unable to get realpath for the library "%s". Will use given path.find_library_internal(ns=%s, task=%s): Already loaded (by soname): %sfile offset for the library "%s" >= file size: %lld >= %lldundefined namespace: %s:%zd: warning: couldn't parse %s (ignoring this line)%s:%zu: error: %sLIB__find_icu_symbol should not be called in the linker"%s" has bad ELF magic: %02x%02x%02x%02x"%s" has invalid e_phnum: %zd%s: strtab out of bounds error; STRSZ=%zd, name=%dfunctionSIGSTKFLTBUS_OBJERRSEGV_ACCERRSI_USERvoidfloatdecimal128Warning: Attempt to restore without remember.%s}%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%Sclear %dziparchiveZip: failed to read at offset %lld Zip: invalid offset: %lld, data length: %lld Zip: failed to intialize central directory. 36392138Duplicate entries in archiveunknown header flags setinvalid literal/length codeincorrect data checkart/libdexfile/dex/dex_file.ccCheck failed: begin_ != nullptrCheck failed: IsInt<16>(jval_.i)String data shorter than indicated utf16_size %xMultiple header itemsOut-of-order string_ids: '%s' then '%s'Invalid descriptor for class_idx: '%s'This dex file is invalid and will be rejected in the future. Error is: Method %u(%s) has code, but is marked native or abstractBad offset for data subsection: %zx ----- pid %d at %s ----- ebpTimestamp: %s backtrace: call to kuser_cmpxchg64r24x6... operator pithrow basic_stringTsTueAugrecursive_mutex constructor failedfdsan atomic_compare_exchange_strong failed unexpectedly while closingu%u_a%uFound user/group name '%s' in '%s' without required prefix '%s'No child processesNot a directoryStructure needs cleaningKey has been revokedAccess denied finding property "%s"pread64%s: prevented %zu-byte %s %zu-byte buffernfarc4random data%03dpcloseatexit handlersdecrement_dso_handle_reference_counter: Couldn't find soinfo by dso_handle=%pdlsym failed: invalid handle: %pname %s: freeing soinfo @ %plibexpat.so/vendor/libunexpected r_addend in android.rel sectiondlerror[ Done calling %s for '%s' ]expected /dev/null fd to be 0, actually %dfailed to clone vm processSEGV_MAPERRPTRACE_EVENT_VFORKSI_ASYNCIO%s:%u] %soperator&&decimal32Illegal)Refuse to unwind[%u] system/core/libziparchive/zip_archive.ccZip: EOCD not found, %s is not zipinvalid code lengths set0U: type Overflow in number of dex files!Invalid handler addr: %xBad method name for method index %uBad encoded_value char/short size %xunexpected static field initial value type: 'J' vs '%c'unexpected static field initial value type: %xMap not at header-defined offset: %x, expected %xfirst_class_data_definer field_idinter_class_data_item field_idprivate thread %d received output fd for thread %d?Cmd line: %s r15__cxa_guard_release failed to release mutex--cm)[Decemberinvalid pointer %p (invalid allocator address for the page)/sbin:/system/sbin:/product/bin:/apex/com.android.runtime/bin:/system/bin:/system/xbin:/odm/bin:/vendor/bin:/vendor/xbinshnative object of unknown typeu%u_%sLD_AOUT_PRELOADTry againTransport endpoint is not connectedKey has expiredThe property "%s" has a value with length %zu that is too large for __system_property_get()/__system_property_read(); use __system_property_read_callback() instead.%04d__bionic_open_tzdata%s called on a destroyed mutex (%p)ubsan: divrem-overflowdlopen failedinvalid-dt_needed-entries-enforced-for-api-level-23decrement_dso_handle_reference_counterinvalid maskwords for gnu_hash = 0x%x, in "%s" expecting power to twoDEBUG: %s destructors (DT_FINI) found at %plibrary "%s" ("%s") needed or dlopened by "%s" is not accessible by namespace "%s"soinfo for "%s"@%p has no version... dlclose: unloading external reference "%s"@%p ...... dlclose: unload_si was not linked - not unloading external references ...unknown weak reloc type %d @ %p (%zu)%s:%d: %s CHECK 'tmp_start != MAP_FAILED' failederror reading file "dir. and will not work when the app moves to API level %d or later (https://android.googlesource.com/platform/bionic/+/master/%s) (allowing for now because this app's target API level is still %d)error: unable to stat "%s": %s Ignoring unknown debug.ld option "%s"Mapcrash_dump32failed to exec crash_dump helper: %sintermediate process didn't exit cleanly in double fork (status = %d)%s %s SEGV_BNDERRoperator!=()std::allocatorr%zuUnsupported wRX register displayPHONEthread+++ LOG: write failed (errno=%d) EventTagMap: unable to seek map '%s' %s /dev/event-log-tagspersist.logd.timestampro.logd.timestampro.device_ownerlogdgetLogSizeUsed %dInstalled zlib is not compatible with linked version (%s)Unknown return codeZip: Error adding entry to hash table %dZip: bad uncompressed length in zip (%lld + %u > %lld)Inconsistent informationinvalid window sizeinvalid stored block lengthsDex file '%s' too short: expected %u, got %llu, class_defs_=, 0U=%s%cclasses%zu.dexUnknown map section type %xNon-zero padding: %xMethod may have only one of public/protected/private, %s: %xBad / method idItem %d offset is 0failed to open %s: %sro.revisionRevision: '%s' --------r19r23r28thread-local wrapper routine for thread-local initialization routine for sizeof (b0Eallocator'unnamedstructunique_fdRandomAccessFilefailed to exchange ownership of file descriptor: fd %d is unowned, was expected to be owned by %s 0x%llxFile existsFunction not implementedName not unique on networkNo buffer space available%s: invalid index size in "%s": %zd -cfailed to allocate bionic_tls: error %dpthread_create sched_getparam failed: %sdlclose(handle=%p) ... done:error linking namespaces: namespace_from is null.unsupported verneed[%zd] vn_version: %d (expected 1)invalid DT_SYMENT: %zd in "%s"/proc/self/fd/%d/system/etc/ld.config.x86.txtsleb128_decoder ran out of boundsRELO GLOB_DAT %16p <- %16p %s %s:%d: %s CHECK 'lsi->get_tls() != nullptr' failed[ CFI remove 0x%zx + 0x%zx: %s ].search.paths%s:%zd: warning: appending to undefined property "%s" (treating as assignment)bionic/linker/linker_config.cpp"%s" has no section headersFOUND %s in %s (%p) %zdWarning: cannot stat file "%s": %s (ignoring)Warning: unable to resolve "%s": %s (ignoring)pthread_mutex_lock failed: %sILL_PRVREGFPE_INVASCFPE_INVDECPTRACE_EVENT_FORKoperator,(encoding & 0x0f) == 0__jit_debug_descriptorusecUnknown binary event type %d \%oEventTagMap: unable to open map '%s': %s 1.2.11Zip: lseek on fd %d failed: %sart/libdexfile/dex/dex_file.h<>void;[]Expected valid zip or dex fileOverflow in range for %s: %zx for %zu@%zuOffset(%d) should be zero when size is zero for %s.Bad encoded_value method type size %xencoded_annotation type_idxString longer than indicated size %xOut-of-order proto_id argumentsRedefinition of class with type idx: '%d'Invalid annotations_directory_iteminter_annotations_directory_item method_id, header->field_ids_size_= open files: null pointer dereference%s x0x17terminate_handler unexpectedly threw an exceptionllUtdecimal16noexceptlocale not supportedJanu%u_i%uBad file descriptorInvalid argumentToo many open filesBroken pipeSrmount errorIllegal byte sequenceNetwork is unreachableNo medium found%a %b %e %H:%M:%S %Z %Y%s: couldn't allocate %zd-byte index for "%s" android_create_namespace failedinvalid handle: %pCalled ifunc_resolver@%p. The result is %pinvalid DT_RELRENT: %zdunknown processor-specific"%s" has no DT_SONAME (will use %s instead)%s:%d: %s CHECK 'it_from != namespaces.end()' failedget_elf_reader... dlclose(root="%s"@%p) ... not unloading - decrementing ref_count to %zd%s s->st_value = %p, found->base = %pnotify_gdb_of_load%s:%d: %s CHECK 'map->l_name[0] != '\0'' failed%s:%d: %s CHECK '!initial_link_done' failed%s:%d: %s CHECK 'res != MAP_FAILED' failed.paths"%s": error: Android 5.0 and later only support position-independent executables (-fPIE). "%s" phdr mmap failed: %scalling constructors: add_secondary_namespace%s:%d: %s CHECK 'module_idx < g_tls_modules.size()' failed (BuildId: volatilestd:: [clone .cfi]DW_CFA_restore register(%d)RILANDROID_PRINTF_LOGnsec+++ LOG: entry illegal hdr_size Warning: leftover binary log data (%zu bytes) %02llu (zerr=) Zip: invalid file map , cd_size=start (base=Bad index for %s: %x >= %xOut of order map item: %x then %x for type %x last type was %xBad encoded_value type size %xfirst_annotations_dir_definer method idclass with type idx outside uint16_t range '%x:%x'Direct/virtual method %u(%s) not in expected list %dHiddenapi class data flags invalid (%u) for %s %ifailed to create pipe: %s "%s" sysTid=%d (load bias 0x%llx)Got zero bytes while reading log: %s r4r22x5x10Pure virtual function called!std::bad_exception%basic_iostreamOEthrow(unspecified generic_category errorBad addressCommunication error on sendIs a named type filestrcpy %s: couldn't find any tzdata when looking for %s! fcloseerror: TLS segments in static TLS overflowedthread signal stack!!0" "@"Z  V  1"!!s 1!"2@g jgrn<:ORQhك[PROP"@!q ) @??ffffff? 4  !E . &p@! 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