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Critical annoyances in the Companion app



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    • 894c8e66c643bd4803c606545a35239ce1350fd2 (qt-apps/neptune3-ui/5.13)


      I've got a few issues in the Companion app which would be very simple to implement. I see them as critical for the user. Since changes in the code seem to be almost trivial and it is UI only, I suggest fining despite of the code freeze. See the screenshots as well.

      • UI does not scale correctly if the top level window seems to be able to fit two sliders. The layout change in the right way only if the window can fit one slider
      • It shows read-only values as if they can be changed. This is for "Speed limit", "Cruise speed", "Speed", "ePower". I suggest using simple labels for this instead of dials
      • We do not have a "Navi" app. Our app is called "Maps"
      • The port number is still shown as default on the first start though we do not use port numbers in the connect dialog
      • Is it possible to show a scrollbar by default? It is very confusing that is shown only if you try to slide the content


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