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Truncated test output



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      See this test run and search for tst_QDateTime.
      Its block of test output starts normally, but search for "Executing instruction 332" and you'll see the block ends with no Totals line, no "Finished testing" line - and 18 tests are unmentioned.
      The test whose output I want to see should assert, but there's no sign of the test, much less my expected QFATAL (I'm making sure my regression test does actually fail before I fix it).
      Nor is there a crash-log indicating that the test crashed.
      Nor does Coin say anything at all about tst_QDateTime ending prematurely.

      Same happens for tst_QAlgorithms (instruction 342), tst_QLine (370), tst_QRect (398), tst_QImage (488) and I have to guess there are more. On the way to that, notice that "Executing instruction 334" interrupts the output for tst_QDate.
      Something is severely fishy here.

      Are the tests crashing in some way that the agent fails to recognise ?
      Is the agent discarding data ?
      (Does it buffer the data on its way to logging ? If so, is the buffer finite ?)
      Is something killing the tests without logging that it's done so ?


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