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Errors in the agent finalizer are not sent to the coin server



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      Environment: coin-master connected to opennebula 5.8.5 on one-master-eighth.

      See attached screenshot. At the end of the log, there are two lines after the line "provision succeeded". These were not seen in the coin log, I had to connect with VNC to see them.

      Provision succeeded
      Exiting upon agent request:...
      Error running shutdown command:...

      The coin log has the following lines after "provision succeeded":

      agent:2020/01/07 09:57:55 agent.go:272: Provision succeeded
      INFO:workitem.py:634(36235): Agent FINISHED PASS: provisioning/qtci-linux-SLES-15-x86_64-e8e160/Provision
      INFO:workitem.py:704(36235): VM metrics
      INFO:workitem.py:706(36235): Host metrics
      ERROR:workitem.py:416(36235): Houston? Houston! Unhandled exception occurred while running a WorkItem. This is potentially serious! Investigate it immediately.
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/home/diaposto/src/tqtc-coin-ci/src/workitem.py", line 380, in _run
          await self.run()
        File "/home/diaposto/src/tqtc-coin-ci/src/workitem.py", line 870, in run
          raise AgentException("An instruction failed.")
        File "/home/diaposto/src/tqtc-coin-ci/src/agentlauncher.py", line 188, in __aexit__
          await self._exit_action()
        File "/home/diaposto/src/tqtc-coin-ci/src/opennebulahardwarepool.py", line 361, in save_agent_as_template
          await _block_until_vm_is_in_state(self.vm_id, one_vm_state.poweroff, max_iterations=6 * 5)
        File "/home/diaposto/src/tqtc-coin-ci/src/opennebulahardwarepool.py", line 192, in _block_until_vm_is_in_state
          await _block_until_object_is_in_state(getter, vm_id, state, "VM", ERROR_STATES, check_interval, max_iterations)
        File "/home/diaposto/src/tqtc-coin-ci/src/opennebulahardwarepool.py", line 174, in _block_until_object_is_in_state
          raise TimeoutError(message % (type, id, current_state, state))
      concurrent.futures._base.TimeoutError: VM (id:4381) is still in a undesired state (3), while we wanted to see it in state: one_vm_state.poweroff

      Because of the missing "error running shutdown command" it was quite hard to figure out what went wrong with this provisioning.


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