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The qt user on macOS VMs is prevented from using zsh history



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      On a debug VM within OpenNebula, cooked up via the "Schedule Build" form:

      qt@10-225-145-202 ~ % ls -l .zsh_history 
      -rw-------  1 root  staff  22 Nov 17  2020 .zsh_history

      This means I can't access my own command history and the commands I type in one login session are forgotten before the next, effectively completely disabling zsh's history.
      It would be better to simply not have this file present !

      qt@10-225-145-202 ~ % ls -lA | grep -w root
      -rw-------   1 root  staff       783 Nov 17  2020 .viminfo
      -rw-------   1 root  staff        22 Nov 17  2020 .zsh_history

      The .viminfo probably shouldn't be owned by root, either !

      The user can delete these files to unblock this, but it would be better if they were not there to begin with or, if they have (I can't tell) useful contents, to have the qt user own them.

      Ideally, the history would contain the commands that were run during the build and test that set up the machine, making it possible to use history replay instead of having to copy-and-paste from a build log to get the commands to set up my environment ready for a build.


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