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Automate blacklisting failing autotests and create Jira tickets of them



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    • Automate blacklisting failing autotests and creating Jira tickets of them


      When we take new platform into CI using Insignificant flag we usually need to create Jira tickets from failing autotests. Until these gets fixed whole target won’t block anything unless we blacklist the needed autotests, remove the Insignifcant flag and then fix the autotests issues. 

      By automating blacklisting process and creating Jira tickets would help to do that plus also minimize the need for manual work. 

      This don’t mean that created Jira tickets can be closed when the blacklist change is merged. Blacklist is only added so that we can change the target as a blocking in CI. Tests needs to be fixed ASAP before Jira tickets can be closed.


      • When 'Insignificant' or InsignificantTests' flag is set to target
        • Parse failures via thrift files or testresults tar.gz
        • Check for existing Jira ticket for the failure
          • if not exist create one
            • Create a blacklist commit for the module
              • In case of crash skip test if possible
                • Otherwise create only the Jira ticket
            • Link the commit to Jira ticket
        • Remove 'Insignificant' or InsignificantTests' flag if all passes during Qt5/Qt6 run





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