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accept_configuration does not currently work properly for qt5.git integrations




      If a repo's module_config.yaml has an accept_configuration clause and the config is not accepted, that is not applied to qt5.git integrations.

      Currently, most of our repo module_config.yaml files have this snippet:

      version: 2
        condition: property
        property: features
        not_contains_value: Disable

      I am trying to add a WebEngine specific disable here

      If I add 'Disable' or 'DisableWebEngine' to a configuration in qt5.git/coin/platform_configurations, then any repository (or just WebEngine) will not be built when scheduling an integration for that specific repository, but it WILL be built when scheduling a qt5.git integration

      Toni tells me that happens because an qt5.git integration builds all its dependencies regardless of the accept_configuration clause in repo-specific module_config.yaml files.

      I would expect such repos not to be built though.
      And for actual top-level qt5.git cmake runs, i'd expect it not to download the artifacts for the repo that is excluded.

      I think the scheduler and dependency downloader needs to prune off branches that can't be satisfied due to accept_configuration being false for all or specific repos.

      If I add a DisableDeclarative feature to the accept_configuration clause of qtdeclarative.git/coin/module_config.yaml

      then I expect any integration of qtdeclarative, qtquick3d, qtwebengine, qt5.git to skip building declarative for that config, so declarative and all its downstream repos.

      And for the top-level qt5 cmake integration, i'd expect the agent to download all artifacts up to, but not including qtdeclarative, plus skipping downloading of qq3d, webengine, etc, because qtdeclarative is a hard requirement for those repositories (as specified by required: true in dependencies.yaml or depends = foo in qt5.git/.gitmodules)


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