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Improve first approach to Qt for python



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       The goal of this suggestion is to build a list of expectations for Pythonists that have no C++ code knowledge/experience.

      This suggestions aims to make the code a bit more easy to understand due to the nature of how C++ works.


      Suggestions for PySide Reference Status
      Subclassing QMdiSubWindow resizeEvent() should resize the subwindow without having to call a parent resizeEvent manually. PYSIDE-1015  
      Same as above, but for changeEvent()    
      Make clear that QFileDialog and some other classes must be instanced before we call their methods. See Christian Tismer comment Documentation should mention up that it needs an instance on Python. C++ documentation was confusing on this topic.
       Make it possible to get the stdout and stderr output of an app in real time to a PySide2 control (examples: QMessageBox, QLineEdit, QPlainTextEdit, etc). This would prevent "silent errors" to go unnoticed on a release built for final users, that has no debug windows (.pyw files).    Might not be possible



      Suggestions for QtCreator and QtDesigner Status
      Tweak the stylesheets efficiently without googling all the controls properties. Some of them you won't find them even googling the documentation of Qt (Example: Qmenu::tearoff). QtCreator and QtDesigner should have built-in all those properties to just select them from a dropdown and apply to a control. Right now that dropdown exists but there is only some basic and generic options like background, color, etc. At this moment is quite hard to be creative with UIs unless you want an old-looking app because we are unaware of all the hidden possibilities (again, the tearoff example).
      Summary: Add all stylesheet attributes to the QtCreator Stylesheets UI.
      Managing resource files .QRC is clunky at best. You can't create a resource file and add it to a .ui file on QtCreator unless you are working on a project, you specifically need QtDesigner to add resource files to standalone .ui files. Odd enough, once created/associated to that UI, you can modify it from QtCreator.
      Summary: Add the possibility to create and bind .qrc files to .ui files from QtCreator.



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