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When a singleton is created as a result of the first usage being part of an imperative access then it will cause a crash



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      When a singleton is created as a result of the first usage being part of an imperative access then it will cause a crash. If it is accessed after it had already been created then it works fine.

      Stack is:

      Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
      0   org.python.python             	0x000000010ce90b94 PyObject_Call + 84
      1   QtQml.abi3.so                 	0x00000001171436a3 std::__1::__function::__func<PySide::qmlRegisterSingletonType(_object*, char const*, int, int, char const*, _object*, bool, bool)::$_0, std::__1::allocator<PySide::qmlRegisterSingletonType(_object*, char const*, int, int, char const*, _object*, bool, bool)::$_0>, QObject* (QQmlEngine*, QJSEngine*)>::operator()(QQmlEngine*&&, QJSEngine*&&) + 99
      2   org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116c0e401 QJSValue QQmlEnginePrivate::singletonInstance<QJSValue>(QQmlType const&) + 401
      3   org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116b609c7 QV4::QQmlContextWrapper::getPropertyAndBase(QV4::QQmlContextWrapper const*, QV4::PropertyKey, QV4::Value const*, bool*, QV4::Value*, QV4::Lookup*) + 1095
      4   org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116b62153 QV4::QQmlContextWrapper::resolveQmlContextPropertyLookupGetter(QV4::Lookup*, QV4::ExecutionEngine*, QV4::Value*) + 403
      5   org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116bba167 0x116a0f000 + 1749351
      6   org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116bb9789 0x116a0f000 + 1746825
      7   org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116b2b1d8 QV4::Function::call(QV4::Value const*, QV4::Value const*, int, QV4::ExecutionContext const*) + 344
      8   org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116c3ef0d QQmlJavaScriptExpression::evaluate(QV4::CallData*, bool*) + 525
      9   org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116bf650b QQmlBoundSignalExpression::evaluate(void**) + 1083
      10  org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116bf6bfe 0x116a0f000 + 1997822
      11  org.qt-project.QtQml          	0x0000000116c604f6 QQmlNotifier::emitNotify(QQmlNotifierEndpoint*, void**) + 630
      12  org.qt-project.QtCore         	0x0000000116582a68 0x1164a2000 + 920168
      13  org.qt-project.QtQuickTemplates2	0x000000011c932148 QQuickAbstractButtonPrivate::handleRelease(QPointF const&) + 184
      14  org.qt-project.QtQuickTemplates2	0x000000011c95adf5 QQuickControl::mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent*) + 53
      15  org.qt-project.QtQuick        	0x000000011c416f5c QQuickItem::event(QEvent*) + 156


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