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      When reading the "Getting Started" docs, it says:

      --openssl=BIN: Path to OpenSSL's binary

      In the build log, it says:

      OpenSSL libs: [...]

      There's also a footnote on the Getting Started page:

      It is necessary to have OpenSSL 1.0.x to work around Qt and PySide v5.9, since there are compatibility issues with newer versions of OpenSSL (see details)"

      In, Windows DLLs are specifically mentioned:

      Coin builds; macOS and RHEL7 builds of PySide2 specify --openssl=/usr/bin/openssl but on Windows, --openssl=C:\openssl\bin\openssl is specified:

      And when asking in the Gitter channel, @alcroito mentioned I should be pointing the argument to the "bin" folder of the OpenSSL installation (not the binary). However, on Linux, I only have /usr/bin/openssl (no bin dir)... so what does this mean?

      And after he checked in on this closer, it sounded like as if --openssl should only be specified on Windows:

      QSsl modules – not found

      Are QSsl* modules affected by OpenSSL somehow?

      When I remove --openssl=/usr/bin/openssl from my macOS standalone wheel build, all QSsl* modules are missing ("not found"). So I don't believe this argument is for Windows only. EDIT: I was mistaken. Removing --openssl on macOS and Linux doesn't seem to do any difference.

      Windows and macOS find the QSsl* modules:

      But I can't make QSsl* modules get found at all on CentOS7 Linux no matter what I do... and it seems this doesn't work in Coin either:

      -- Checking for QSslCertificate in QtNetwork -- not found
      -- Checking for QSslCipher in QtNetwork -- not found
      -- Checking for QSslConfiguration in QtNetwork -- not found
      -- Checking for QSslError in QtNetwork -- not found
      -- Checking for QSslKey in QtNetwork -- not found
      -- Checking for QSslSocket in QtNetwork -- not found

      Source: see RHEL7 build in


      What to do?

      It’s unclear to me when or why one should point --openssl to bin/libs and if it matters if you have built Qt yourself or if you are using the downloaded precompiled Qt (from

      It's a bit confusing and I think the docs needs to be clear on when you'd want to specify --openssl and exactly what you're supposed to feed this argument on the different platforms.


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