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QDS: Clean and reliable MCU workspace (Part 2)




      When a user works on an MCU project, the view/perspective offered to the user must only expose features that are available in Qt for MCUs. The end goal is that no matter what the user does in the QDS UI, the resulting QML code must always work with Qt for MCUs.


      To be fixed:

      • When opening the help/documentation for a given component ("F1" shortcut), it must open the Qt for MCUs documentation, not Qt6's
      • The default font (at least the size, not sure about the family) is different in the QDS preview and when building with Qt for MCUs


      ​To be disabled:

      • For all design bridges, a warning message should be displayed to users about being experimental (until they are properly supported and tested)
      • Until qsTrId is supported in QUL, the translation view in QDS should not be usable
      • It must not be possible to add a 3D view to the project
      • The prebuilt perspectives that do not make sense for MCUs should be unavailable

      More issues are still to be found and referenced with in-depth research.


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