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Add prefix and generate id's from layer options



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      In discussions with customers it was brought up that we could have a couple of quality of life features added to the photoshop bridge (and presumably if it makes sense to all bridges)

      1. Generate all id's from the layer name - At the moment it is a lot of work to name all the layers and then manually enter all the qml id's - most people seem to want them to be the same in the end. We should add an advanced feature that allows users to generate the id's from the layer name. (with the understanding that they must be unique and qml friendly layer names)
      2. Have a field where a project prefix can be added to every qml id automatically. Some projects follow a specific naming convention where every file must be prefixed with the project id. We could have 1 field for this and save the users a lot of time copy / pasting.


      Implementation details (Requirements):

      • Add QML id prefix & suffix settings in settings page
      • Serialize these strings in the document metadata.
      • The prefix and suffix strings shall be added to auto-generated QML ids by default
      • The prefix and suffix shall not apply if the user explicitly updates the QML id.
      • Add a button here "Reset", clicking the reset button will reapply the suffix & prefix to all qml ids. Show a warning before doing this.





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