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user should get visual feedback of already generated debug translation data



    • QDS Berlin - 2023 Week 27/28, QDS Berlin - 2023 Week 29/30


      1. The user opens a project and starts the design mode with a QML file.
      2. Imports translations from excel file and then he is testing translations with the "Run Project Translation Test".
      3. The generated data is written to the database.
      4. Now the user switches the file and because the generated data is for the project and not only for the current document the designer tool should be able to show translation issues without running the "Run Project Translation Test" again.

      The database API should be able to save translation code locations for the project in one go maybe as part of the text metadata.

      Later the database API needs to provide these locations with extra information (OK; exceeds; is missing) per QML file.

      So the UI code can ask it when the document is switched or is reopened.

      Nice to have would be having all issues for a project in the issues pane, but should not be a problem if the API can be asked for a special file name.


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