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Screen configuration in MCU project wizard




      TODO: MCU application template / wizard

      • screen size (common ones in dropdown)
      • screen refresh interval
      • screen number and screen details
      • RAM size
      • ROM layout
      • Features (has GPU) etc?

      To help getting up and running quicker with the QML GUI, Qt Design Studio could generate some of the boiler plate code which usually not change much (or at all) during development. Having a GUI to configure the settings associated to the generated code saves time by not having to look into the API details, at least at the start of the project.

      Screen configuration is typically something that is known from the start and doesn't change later on. In QUL, Layers are closely related to the Screen API, but these can be changed at any time during the development and the specific configuration might not be known from the start.

      The "New project" wizard shall be extended so that screen settings can be configured for MCU projects.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • The user can configure how many screens to use in the application (1 to many)
      • For each screen, the user can set its size, background color, color depth, and refresh interval
      • The screen size can either be set a manual size or choose from a list of common MCU resolution:
        • 390x390
        • 480x272
        • 720x1280
        • 800x480
        • 1280x720
      • For the refresh interval, a hint is given to the user on the typical equivalent refresh rate (1 -> 60Hz, 2 -> 30Hz, 3 -> 20Hz, 4 -> 15Hz, etc.)
      • The generated code includes the necessary boilerplate code for the configuration: Application, Screen(s), and a single ItemLayer per screen
      • The user should still have the option to create an empty MCU application


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