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[REG Qt 6.2.2 -> Qt 6.3] Puppet crashes on startup and 3D edit view resize



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    • QDS 3.0
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      Build QDS against Qt 6.3 and create a new Quick 3D project to reproduce.

      Editormode puppet often crashes on startup and when 3D edit view is resized with QDS built against Qt 6.3. When this happens, you have to manually reset the puppet to clear the "Qt Quick emulation layer crashed" message box on form editor.

      The crash happens in Renderer::uploadMergedElement, where vertexData is nullptr.

      It's likely some kind of timing issue since it doesn't happen always. Also, the startup crash doesn't happen if use the "Debug QML emulation layer" feature to block the puppet at startup and attach debugger to it.

      Stack trace from the resize crash:

      1   memcpy                                                            VCRUNTIME140                              0x7ffa332f15d8 
      2   QSGBatchRenderer::Renderer::uploadMergedElement                   qsgbatchrenderer.cpp                 1888 0x7ff9c2e3ca36 
      3   QSGBatchRenderer::Renderer::uploadBatch                           qsgbatchrenderer.cpp                 2121 0x7ff9c2e3c031 
      4   QSGBatchRenderer::Renderer::prepareRenderPass                     qsgbatchrenderer.cpp                 3637 0x7ff9c2e337a5 
      5   QSGBatchRenderer::Renderer::render                                qsgbatchrenderer.cpp                 3488 0x7ff9c2e38258 
      6   QSGRenderer::renderScene                                          qsgrenderer.cpp                      176  0x7ff9c2e451fe 
      7   QQuickWindowPrivate::renderSceneGraph                             qquickwindow.cpp                     686  0x7ff9c2e0ce86 
      8   QQuickRenderControl::render                                       qquickrendercontrol.cpp              448  0x7ff9c2db5e14 
      9   QmlDesigner::Qt5NodeInstanceServer::grabRenderControl             qt5nodeinstanceserver.cpp            293  0x7ff74381d014 
      10  QmlDesigner::Qt5InformationNodeInstanceServer::doRender3DEditView qt5informationnodeinstanceserver.cpp 930  0x7ff7437e7c94 
      11  doActivate<0>                                                     qobject.cpp                          3914 0x7ff9ca5ac790 
      12  QMetaObject::activate                                             qobject.cpp                          3975 0x7ff9ca5aea94 
      13  QTimer::timerEvent                                                qtimer.cpp                           299  0x7ff9ca5c3f27 
      14  QObject::event                                                    qobject.cpp                          1378 0x7ff9ca5b4e57 
      15  QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper                                qapplication.cpp                     3334 0x7ff9caa7201e 
      16  QApplication::notify                                              qapplication.cpp                     3286 0x7ff9caa710da 
      17  QCoreApplication::notifyInternal2                                 qcoreapplication.cpp                 1063 0x7ff9ca573a75 
      18  QEventDispatcherWin32Private::sendTimerEvent                      qeventdispatcher_win.cpp             407  0x7ff9ca6cb1db 
      19  QEventDispatcherWin32::event                                      qeventdispatcher_win.cpp             889  0x7ff9ca6c8982 
      20  QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper                                qapplication.cpp                     3334 0x7ff9caa7201e 
      ... <More>                                                                                                                     


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