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MCU-compatible Photoshop Bridge



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      What is the benefit? Why is this valuable?

      Save time with imports of Photoshop designs for MCU projects

      What are common use cases?

      Design team uses Photoshop and/or Illustrator, development team develops with Qt for MCUs

      Technical information

      Currently, the QDS Photoshop bridge can produce QML code that is incompatible with QUL. When the active project is a Qt for MCUs project, the bridge should make sure that the generated code is compatible and optimized for QUL.

      The results of the initial spike to investigate issues with QDS bridges in MCU project is here: https://intranet.qt.io/display/QOM/Spike%3A+Investigate+and+list+issues+with+QDS+bridges+for+MCU+projects

      The QML code generated by the bridge must be optimized to be as small as possible (flash and RAM).

      To be done:

      • Investigate and list current issues with the Photoshop bridge
      • Study current architecture and implementation of the bridges
      • Research a way to generate QML code in QDS that is fully compatible with QUL, possibly different than what is generated for Qt6.
      • Implement the different import approach, which would ignore elements of the design that cannot be implemented in QUL, or implement it in a QUL-compatible way.
      • If not initially, eventually, the MCU bridge should generate optimized QML code for MCUs
      • Automated tests to verify that a set of Photoshop design cases produce valid QUL code (that compiles successfully)


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