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Make MCU qmlprojectexporter accept Qt DSE license to do code generation checks




      To validate that QML code created in QDS is valid for Qt for MCUs, QDS must use some of the Qt for MCUs tools (qmlprojectexporter and dependant tools).
      To enable designers or generally any user who only has a Qt DSE license to have a minimal working environment for Qt for MCUs in QDS, the shipped MCU tools must be able to be run without a Qt DC license. They must also "accept" a Qt DSE license.

      With this Epic, the MCU feature set offered to QDS users will be limited to compilation checks. It will not allow a Qt DSE user to build a binary that can be run on an embedded device, mainly due to the fact that some parts (Qt for MCUs libraries) will be missing.

      Ideally, we don't want the shipped MCU tools to fully work with a Qt DSE license. Only a limited defined set of features should work. This means that UL-7765 might be needed before we can implement this ticket.


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