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Update safety manual quality control tools



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      Please see the https://doc-snapshots.qt.io/qtsaferenderer/qtsr-qualitycontrol.html

      Consider following additions. (Text below is just thinking aloud, see if there is any use for human translated summaries)

      • Use of the Qt Creator for checking the code syntax
      • Use of the QML Scene tool to validate the the QML code syntax and visual inspection. 
        • Typically safety application renders only the safe QML types, and not the normal QML types.
          • But that is meant to be another layer in the target hardware, and the host computer does not have such layers.
          • Therefore you would have to either run safety application and the regular UI separately.
          • This can be done either in parallel visual inspection, or putting the running applications windows on top of each other like the Qt Cluster example and Telltales example can be used. 
        • But you can combine the QML designs into same file, and render those with the QML scene tool (in same window)
          • or you can render the normal UI with the QML scene, and put the safety app (transparent background) on top of that
        • Note that QML Scene does not like the qrc:/ prefix for the QML source definitions for some reason.
      • QTest tool
        • Nowadays we also have benchmark tests implemented with it.
      • Startup time measurement tool (testing tool)
      • Testing tools section could also be complemented with 
        • Manual tests in the tests\manual folder
        • Test harness for sending various events to the safety application (Python using Qt Widgets)
        • Capacity tests
          • Python scripts for creating QML files with different safe QML types for maximum capacity testing and animation features
          • Python scripts for sending events for the safety applications for the capacity tests
        • Note that examples contain a testerapp, that is a Python script for testing the events (NOTE: this was already listed)

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