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Update FAQ, multiple layouts not preferred, use statest instead.



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      Please update the safety manual FAQ and claim that states are preferred over two layout files. Two layouts were meant for the era before the animations and states in the QSR 1.2.

      Now if using two layouts there are some common properties for both states and some property changes are only for the given layout.

      Common properties are:

      • visibility
      • system states and their mappings

      But if changing the following things with events, these are only applied to the current active layout. And the second layout has its own memory.

      • position
      • color for the picture or safe dynamic text
      • content of the dynamic safe text
      • stateĀ 

      This may cause some confusion, and the preferred approach is to use the states and at need animations between those. Otherwise user would have to sync the statuses in case the layout file is switched on the fly. If that were not done, then end user might be rather confused. Unless there is some ingenious way to create such a design.

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