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Use PlantUML in Confluence pages to make life easier




      There are many different kind of diagrams that can be done easily with PlantUML.

      We could study how these could help us in the daily work.

      In project management, planning, software design, communication, testing, documentation etc.

      Simply, these features could make data handling easier than just trying to always from the scratch. The efforts could be spent on the actual content and team work instead of struggling with the free form presentation formats. 

      Concrete examples:

      • The safety management plan could use the Work Breakdown structure.
      • And the deliverables can be visualised with some diagram.
      • And Gantt map can be used to visualize the realized project schedule and the new project schedule as well
      • mindmaps are useful for planning, that we have done in Excel or in PowerPoint
      • activity diagrams would certainly help us to understand the algorithm logic and make the design and testing straightforward (very useful for processing the input data validation etc.)



      PlantUML is a component that allows to quickly write :



      The following non-UML diagrams are also supported:






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