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Streamline QSR build process for including layout data



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    • QSR 2.0 RC1
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    • Building a running a PoC on a Linux host

      Same issue applied to QNX target


      The current build process is a bit awkward. You have to run make once to generate layout data, then again to include the layout data in the qrc file.

      Some feedback from a  customer:

      I just wanted to provide a bit of feedback on the fix for the 'SafeRenderer::QSafeResource::ResourceException'   error.

      The fix was to add the layout data to safeasset.qrc.
      It's a bit backwards because the layout files only get created by running make.

      This means for any project you have to run make twice and add the newly created files to safeasset.qrc in between

      In other words:

      1. qmake
      2. make
      3. using qtcreator, right-click 'safeasset.qrc', select 'add existing files', select all files in 'layoutData'
      4. make
      5. after this the executable should work fine

      Although this works, it certainly seems a bit odd. 
      At a minimum the run-time error should be augmented as I don't think I'll be the last to run into this.


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