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Allow QSR QML Designs to be used by non-licensed QSR users



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      User Story

      As a user of Qt I may receive a Qt project that use QSR components in the QML files but I do not have a license for QSR. I want to be edit and run these files on the desktop simulation or even on a target which does not support QSR. In these two scenarios, QML components like SafePicture, SafeText, SafeImage should behave just like a Picture, Text or Image item.

      Based on the current installer, this scenario isn't covered.

      Likely Implementation Details

      To be verified by engineering. Preliminary discussion with teemu.holappa point to making the QSR plugins for QtCreator and Qt part of the standard release that everyone gets. We need every Qt installation to provide:

      1. QSR Plugins for Qt Creator so a designer can put SafePicture, SafeText, SafeImage into a design.
      1. QSR Plugins for Qt so that SafePicture, SafeText, SafeImage can be used in an application but they behave just like a Picture, Text or Image item.

      Business Rational

      This was part of the original intent and was lost somewhere along the many lines of transfer of this project. The intent was that certain items would be flagged as safety critical and if QSR was licensed then the build system would split these out for rendering by QSR. If QSR was not licensed then they would be rendered as regular QML items by the Qt Scene Graph.

      Customers will complain if they receive a project for which they cannot run. Dissatisfied customer cost money. 

      The pricing model is to price the cost of the safety software on a per project case, not to price the ability to design with these components.


      Marked as P1 since QSR should not be launched without this. This requirement became apparent during the development of the CES integrated digital cockpit demo. 

      Impact on Previous Qt and QtCreator Versions

      All versions of Qt and QtCreator that customers may use with QSR need to have these plugins provided. Start with Qt 5.10 and QtCreator 4.5 onwards unless QSR delayed past when newer versions are available.


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