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Add common pitfalls to documentation FAQ section



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      Add to this list or create another: https://doc-snapshots.qt.io/qtsaferenderer/qtsr-faq.html

      Add steps for QSR resource file usage with animations: This is a bit tricky, so most likely there could be customers asking for help since the steps are QSR specific.

      • If you modify the existing safety application and its animations, you need to update the resource files
        • If the resource file is in use, for example:
          • static QSafeLayoutResourceReader layout("/layoutData/MainForm/MainForm.ui.srl");
        • Then you need to clear the resource file manually by removing the file references
          • One fast way to do it is to click the right mouse button on the / mark under the resource file and select remove the prefix
        • Rebuild the app and add the layout data folder to the resource file.
          • Otherwise, there will be errors about the old resource files missing
          • But you cannot run the app directly, since you will get an exception:
            • terminate called after throwing an instance of 'SafeRenderer::QSafeResource::ResourceException'
        • And then you need to add the layout data folder to the resource file
          • and if you would try to run the app, you still would get the exception.
        • Then you need to build the app and run it
      • The workaround for faster prototyping is to use the file reader and just point it to the correct folder:
        • static QSafeLayoutFileReader layout("D:/QtQSR1.2/X_RC3_tests/TC_R2.3.4_Host_Win_10/indicators_R2345/layoutData/MainForm/MainForm.ui.srl");




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