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Releasing of Qt 3D Studio 2.0.1



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      This user story outlines the required actions to make a 2.0.1 patch release that just takes the Qt 3D Studio 2.0 codebase as is, rebuilds and repackages it with Qt 5.11.1 to make available some of the fixes from Qt 5.11.1 version of Qt 3D.

      These issues are important:

      • Integrity support for OpenGL ES 3.2 :: QTBUG-68421 3D Studio runtime 2 crashes on Integrity
      • QT3DS-1588 Clicks get lost when changing slides :: QTBUG-68580 Raycasting broken due to missing job dependency
      • QT3DS-1759 Multisample layers do not work on embedded/mobile w GLES 3.1+ :: QTBUG-68403 Multisample textures not supported with GLES (3.1+)
      • QT3DS-1792 qmlstreamer is flashing and then eventually crashes :: QTBUG-68511 Scene2D is flashing and crashing
      • QT3DS-925 Certain scenes crash on Android (and anything with GLES) :: QTBUG-68395 BlitFramebuffer broken on GLES
      • QT3DS-1497 Scene2D should clear (related to QML streaming) :: QTBUG-TBD
      • QT3DS-1785 SampleProject navigation view doesn't work from installer :: QTBUG-68580 Raycasting broken due to missing job dependency
      • QT3DS-1839 Bad looking text scaling on high DPI :: QTBUG-68718 QPaintedTextureImage lacks devicePixelRatio support


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