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Exclusion of unneeded variants when loading




      Requirement is to be able to exclude parts of a presentation project during loading. This is to avoid parsing and loading objects that are not needed in the presentation for certain runtime variants, saving on loading time and resource usage.

      This feature should be supported by the editor as it should be possible to test the design from the editor to see that the exclusions are correctly defined. Also it changing id of an object in the editor should not break the exclusion grouping.

      Customers need to support multiple variations of a product UI with one single presentation. One concrete use case is the need to have KMH, MPH and China variant of a speedometer in a cluster. Another is varying a cluster for different fuel/power systems.

      For designers it is most convenient to always have all these variants within same presentation as they need to keep the designs consistent between the variants. Also for SW deployment there is often need to minimize the number of SKU's in the factory and one single binary image needs to support multiple product variants. So containing all variants in the single deliverable presentation is a requirement.


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