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Check QSortFilterProxyModel behavior



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      Assuming the following:

      • In QAbstractItemModel, only one change is allowed to be in flight at a time, i.e. rowsAboutToBeInserted/rowsInserted must not nest or overlap.
      • In one rowsAboutToBeInserted/rowsInserted change, only rows with a common parent can be inserted.
      • When changing filters in QSortFilterProxyModel, rows on multiple levels, with different parents, are inserted at once.
        If all of these three are correct, I cannot see how changing the filters can be correctly implemented in QSortFilterProxyModel.

      This item is about the following:

      • Check that the three assumptions above are correct. Make sure that the documentation clearly states whether these assumptions are correct.
      • Extend QAbstractItemModelTester to check consistency in number of rows/cols. I.e. rows are only added between rowsAboutToBeInserted and rowsInserted.
      • Apply QAbstractItemModelTester in all tests of QSortFilterProxyModel
      • Extend this to QFileSystemModel


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