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Qt 6.4 development hosts



    • Qt 6.3 development hosts
    • Linux/X11, macOS, Windows


      Requirements for Qt development hosts. New/updated platforms in bold.

      • Windows 10 and 11 (64bit Intel: msvc2019, mingw81/gcc8.1)
        • Latest available Win11 and Win10
        • Cross compilation toolchain changes (QTBUG-81947)
      • macOS Mammoth (Mac OS 13) (64bit Intel, 64bit ARM: Xcode 13)
      • Ubuntu 22.04 (64bit Intel: gcc9)
        • Ubuntu 22.04
        • Cross compilation toolchain changes (QTBUG-81947)
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL) and RHEL 8.4
        • Use RHEL )
        • Cross compilation toolchain changes (QTBUG-81947)
      • SLES 15 SP4  (64bit Intel: gcc10)
        • SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, small difference to SUSE desktop) (QTBUG-97793)
        • Cross compilation toolchain changes (QTBUG-81947)
        • openSUSE is KDE reference OS - this is the main reason for supporting Open SUSE
        • Cross compilation toolchain changes (QTBUG-81947)
      • Debian 11 packaging and repository support - Planning as a parallel activities (QTBUG-97663)
        • We are looking in to the Debian repository solution instead of Qt Online installer for Debian, thus this may be in a wrong place under this Epic. I.e. We are also planning to bring in Debian host OS support, and we are investigating supporting Debian packaging and repositories from Qt for delivery and install and  maintenance on Debian based Linuxes (instead or on side with Online Installer).


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