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Qt registers a click when you release the mouse button, which can lead to accidental function use



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      I've noticed that Qt seems to register a 'click' for both the OnPress and OnRelease functions. This can cause users to accidentally select things when using the mouse.

      For example, in any program:

      1. Select an entry from the menu bar using left click and HOLD left click down
      2. Move the mouse down so that it hovers over the menu dropdown
      3. Release left click

      This action is pretty easy to repeat, however it can be hard to pin down because it can almost be instantaneous if moving the mouse fast while in the middle of releasing the click.

      In my case I was using Kate (KDE text editor) and because of the nature of Qt registering a click OnRelease I had thought that Kate had closed my document by itself (more details here: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=452911). Instead I had 'clicked' on the Close Document option so fast that I barely noticed what had happened.

      Maybe there should be a little delay added before OnRelease is recognised as a valid 'click'? (shouldn't be too long, maybe just half a second, just enough to prevent accidental use). Thanks for your time.


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