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Rendering issue when using 2D mesh in Scatter3D



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Won't Do
    • P2: Important
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    • 5.15.2, 6.3.1
    • Data Visualization
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    • Windows 10 x64 / Kubuntu 22.04 (X11)
      GPU: AMD Rx480
    • Linux/X11, Windows


      I have noticed an issue when using QAbstract3DSeries::MeshPoint in Scatter3D under both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu/X11). Based on the example here, I have made a minimal working example:

      import QtQuick
      import QtQuick.Window
      import QtDataVisualization
      Window {
          width: 640
          height: 480
          visible: true
          Scatter3D {
              anchors.fill: parent
              Scatter3DSeries {
                  mesh: Abstract3DSeries.MeshPoint // This causes trouble
                  ItemModelScatterDataProxy {
                      itemModel: dataModel
                      // Mapping model roles to scatter series item coordinates.
                      xPosRole: "xPos"
                      yPosRole: "yPos"
                      zPosRole: "zPos"
          ListModel {
              id: dataModel
              ListElement{ xPos: "2.754"; yPos: "1.455"; zPos: "3.362"; }
              ListElement{ xPos: "3.164"; yPos: "2.022"; zPos: "4.348"; }
              ListElement{ xPos: "4.564"; yPos: "1.865"; zPos: "1.346"; }
              ListElement{ xPos: "1.068"; yPos: "1.224"; zPos: "2.983"; }
              ListElement{ xPos: "2.323"; yPos: "2.502"; zPos: "3.133"; }

      You can find screen shots of the results in the attachments. In Windows, the points are interfering with the wall, even when the axes are setting the range automatically. In Linux, the points are rendered as squares (should be circles?). Also they are casting shadows, even though they should not?

      Let me know if this should be filed as separate bugs for Windows and Linux.


      Edit: The screen shots are taken using PySide because it was easier for me to test under different Qt versions. I discovered the issue while using C++ and Qt 6.3.1


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