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REG: Selecting text inside a TextEdit causes existing lines to disappear and empty lines to appear.



    • macOS
    • b271755e6c (qt/qtdeclarative/dev) d199a95757 (qt/qtdeclarative/6.4) 73746b6562 (qt/qtdeclarative/6.3) 51e14cf31f (qt/qtdeclarative/6.3.2) 51e14cf31f (qt/tqtc-qtdeclarative/6.3.2)


      We are running latest build of Qt.

      I noticed a strange behavior in TextEdit:

        If you concatenate the string and assign it to text property of TextEdit, and when trying to select those text - in a result some new empty lines appear in the TextEdit.

      Also very important thing is :

      In the end of each line of text i am concatenated there is an escape symbol ("\n") and the number of empty lines are equal to number of lines you trying to select.
      So somehow that escape symbol not taking to account when the text is selecting, causing  creating empty lines.

      import QtQuick
      import QtQuick.Controls
      ApplicationWindow {
          id: root
          width: 640
          height: 480
          visible: true
          color: "#333"
          property int sampleCounter
          property string sampleText
          readonly property Timer updateTimer: Timer {
              interval: 100;
              running: true
              repeat: true
              onTriggered: {
                  sampleText += "New Text line " + sampleCounter++ + "\n"
          Column {
              anchors.fill: parent
              Button {
                  text: updateTimer.running ? "Pause Updates" : "Start Updates"
                  onClicked: updateTimer.running = !updateTimer.running
              TextEdit {
                  width: parent.width
                  text: sampleText
                  selectByMouse: true
                  selectByKeyboard: true

      Minimal reproduction code is added, as well as small video.

      Thank you.

      With Best Regards



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