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QML WebView in Qt 6 does not handle a Scale transform as well as Qt 5.15 version



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      We have a project that runs on Windows and Android. In order to keep a consistent aspect ratio, we load the main display and scale it with a transform. The app opens defaulted to the right aspect ratio, but if the user sets it to full screen or resizes the window, the app is scaled by this transform to "fit" in whatever the new dimensions are with the same aspect ratio.

      Part of the app uses a QML WebView to open a help page. We recently converted from 5.15 to 6.2. (I have been testing it on 6.3.1) Before this conversion, the WebView handled this scaling on the resize of the window without issues. After the conversion, the contents of the WebView are scaled in a very blocky, unreadable way. I have attached two pictures to show the difference. I have also attached the sample project I used to produce those two images. It can be build in both 5.15 and 6.3.1 ; run it and resize the window to see that scaling effect issues on the webview portion.

      Note: This effect does not happen on the Android 6 version, only on the Windows version. (Probably because we are using native web viewer instead of WebEngine on Android.)


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