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Qt 6.5 WebAssembly Dev Roadmap



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      Preliminary 6.5 R&D roadmap items, in no particular order:

      (Note for external readers: this list includes way more than can be realistically delivered for 6.5. Some items, like wasm64, require improved browser support.)

      • QML local file access
        Investigate if it’s possible to implement a Qt file system engine which gives access to local files.
      • WebGPU
        Prototype WebGPU RHI backend.
      • Testing
        Continue work on CI auto-testing
        Improve native test coverage (clipboard support, settings, app startup/shutdown)
      • Wasm64 [done]
        Add 64-bit configure option.
      • Multithreading [done]
        Add "mt" binary packages.
        Continue work on making sure the mt config is stable.
        Should it be the default mode?
      • Supporting synchronous Qt APIs on top of async Web APIs
        Investigate if we can run Qt on a separate thread.
        Make use of asyncify where possible&required.
        Investigate if we can optimize asyncify usage.
      • Multimedia [done]
        Implement video support
      • qtloader.js
        Rework the current implementation to use modern js. Document public wasm instance API.
      • Compositor, canvas-per-window mode [done]
        Make Qt create one canvas per window instead of one canvas per screen. Investigate options for window compositing.
      • Dynamic loading
        Continue implementing support for more use cases.
      • Build system options
        Make sure we have (documented) API for overriding all options Qt sets (INITIAL_MEMORY etc)
      • Accessibility [done (and continuing)]
        Integrate patches currently on gerrit and align with other items (mobile virtual keyboard, canvas-per-window). Fill in missing gaps. Test with Qt Quick.
      • Mobile
        Make sure the mobile virtual keyboard works, (also when accessibility is active). Create examples which shows mobile use cases - touch event handling, install on home screen.
      • Resources (QTBUG-74568)
        Enable use of separate resource files to avoid piping resources through the wasm compiler(s).
      • Server connectivity
        Verify that qtremoteobjects over qtwebsocokets works as expected on wasm.
        Database (postgres, mysql) over websockets
      • Exceptions: Add configure option for enabling WebAssembly exceptions. [done]



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