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      What is the benefit? Why is this valuable?

      -ARM-based Linux machines are taking market share fast.

      -NVIDIA Jetson case is based on ARM having Ubuntu-based Linux in it, we are forming a partnership with NVIDIA where Qt can be downloaded to Jetson devkits via apt-get (please see commercial Debian packaging work item)

      -Creator and QDS also could be used on LoA devices

      Hence we'd like to make sure Linux on ARM is being tested also for each release.

      What are common use cases?

      Linux-based development host and target running ARM HW (NVIDIA AGX Orin)

      Technical information

      In addition to the other installer and tooling enhancements, flashing wizard and QDB need updates for LoA and WoA.

      Creator 9 already runs fine on LoA devices as per test on WLS2 and WIn11 arm64 laptop (22.04 built independently), see:

      Main work load is on the CI and packaging side to test and package also for LoA.

      Martket info abuot LoA:

      "Ubuntu for ARM" seems dedicated to servers. (https://ubuntu.com/download/server/arm)

      Fedora provides server and desktop for ARM: https://arm.fedoraproject.org/

      ARM desktops:

      https://store.avantek.co.uk/arm-desktops.html - 6 kUSD+

      You can get access to Samsung Galaxy Book Go 5G Arm64 easily on ebay.com (200-300$). See https://cristianadam.eu/20221126/windows-arm64-samsung-galaxy-book-go-5g/ for more details about Cristian's experience.

      Cluster on a mini ITX board with Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson (turingpi.com) is also an option as well as:


      A differnet approach of porting Linux to arm64 Apple silicon, with KDE.


      Linux Kernel 6.2 will get some more love for arm64. AArch64 Architecture Code Improvements Land In Linux 6.2 - Phoronix

      Commercia Debian Qt repo:



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