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Migrate from GCC MinGW to LLVM-MinGW



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      We have the LLVM-MinGW as a CI test configuration for a while now.

      Migrating to LLVM-MinGW would bring the Windows Arm64 support for MinGW, which the GCC package doesn't offer.

      Other benefits would be:

      • faster toolchain, thus happier customers (GCC MinGW on Windows is pretty slow, the linker is slow, the debugger is slow etc).
      • potential support for UWP APIs. Clang does have clang-cl support, which means that the compiler is able to handle MSVC quirks.
        See MinGW GCC support · Issue #1037 · microsoft/cppwinrt (github.com) 
        This would allow Qt Bluetooth to be compiled with the new APIs in the same way as the MSVC version
      • Qt Webengine build. Similar story to the one above. clang-cl can compile Qt Webengine, a LLVM-MinGW version should also be able to handle this.
      • Faster debugging
      • Cross-compilation of Windows applications from macOS os Linux hosts

      I've opened up a ticket for WinRT for LLVM-MinGW at Windows Runtime (WinRT) APIs support · Issue #307 · mstorsjo/llvm-mingw (github.com)


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