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'Add or remove components' shows incorrect installed Qt Creator version



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      [Hard to tell what the correct project and component for this are.]

      As can be seen in the attached screenshot, the maintenance tool claims pretty clearly that I have Qt Creator 8.0.2 installed. Actually, I only have 8.0.1 installed and that is correctly shown after scrolling the table to the right. Alas, the viewport is so small that scrolling that big table isn't fun.

      I see a conceptual problem with how Qt Creator is being represented here. There are always multiple Qt or QtIFW versions. Therefore there is an argument for having the version number in the component name. (Which in turn makes the version columns to the right superfluous, but well.)
      At the same time, there can always be only one version of Qt Creator installed and the user doesn't get to choose. Therefore it seems reasonable to me, as the lowest-hanging fruit, to remove the QtC version number from the component name.


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