• Example window size and flow was considered mobile first but majority of the Qt users will open it on the desktop first before trying it on mobile.
      • When opened on the desktop, the window size should be wide enough to show the list of the controls and keep the list open instead of hiding/showing it after clicking a certain control.
      • Going back to the Home Screen after exploring some control, doesn't add any value to the user. Users are interested in exploring the controls, not staring at the Home Screen over and over again.
      • On Home Screen, there's green right arrow in the left bottom corner which doesn't do anything. Likely this could be removed.
      • There are two hamburger menus, one on the left, one on the right with different icons. The icons being black are barely visible on dark background.
      • Under settings dialog, there's "Enable Landscape" checkbox which purpose is not clear. Clicking it will keep the list of controls always open which is good but this is not necessarily self-explanatory to the user.


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