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Support Windows on ARM as a development platform and target for Qt on desktop




      What is the benefit? Why is this valuable?

      In the past and current versions of Qt we support Windows on ARM as a remote target. This requires an x86-based desktop for actual development. With a broader availability of ARM-based desktop hardware and interest from various customers, we should provide support for using Windows on ARM as a development host. This would also allow development and running of Qt-based apps on the same machine. In addition to following customer requests, we also ensure early support, and get prepared ahead of a potential high demand in the future

      What are common use cases?

      The end-user has an ARM-based development host with Windows OS,  writing code, compiling, running, testing and packaging an app on one (the same, ARM-based) machine.

      Note that there is no known demand to cross-compile on ARM-based host and deploy to a x86-based target. So, we assume that for the development of x86 apps, an x86 host is used.

      Technical information

      Leat problems are expected on the platform side. More work might be needed on the packaging and testing side as well as for the installer


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