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Decouple active window from focus window



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      Window focus is not the same as window activation.

      A single window (possibly non-Qt) window is the focus window (receives keyboard input e.g., but not limited to), and is typically also active, but other window may also be active:

      • siblings of that window
      • children of that window
      • parents of that window
        • including transient parents
      • other windows, that the OS considers active even if another window has keyboard focus

      Some things we need to clean up:

      • Widgets
        • Replace tests calling QApplicationPrivate::setActiveWindow with requestActivate
        • Replace QApplicationPrivate::active_window with QGuiApp::focus_window
        • Simplify QApplicationPrivate::setActiveWindow if based on focus window
        • Replace calls to QApplicationPrivate::setActiveWindow with update of focus window and let code in QApplicationPrivate::setActiveWindow trigger as a result, not a cause
      • Gui
        • Plumb QWindow::isActive() to QPlatformWindow::isActive()
          • Remove QWidget::isActiveWindow() plumbing for the same
        • Rename QWSI::processActivatedEvent to focusWindowChange
        • Add dedicated QWSI for window activation change only
        • Emit activeChanged along with notifyActiveWindowChange
        • Deprecate Qt::WindowActive in favor of QWindow::isActive()
        • Send/emit activation change before focus changes in QGuiApplicationPrivate::processFocusWindowEvent
          • Logically makes sense, the window is activated first, and as a result, gains focus
          • Matches the order that widgets receive the events in QApplicationPrivate::setActiveWindow
      • Testlib
        • Add qWaitForWindowFocus(), to distinguish it from qWaitForWindowActive


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